Richmond City Council Approves Special Airbnb Treehouse Permit and West Broad Rezoning Plan | Govt. and politics

At Monday’s meeting, however, a dozen people who spoke publicly were divided over the treehouse permit or the rezoning of the West Broad Street hallway.

Kevin Vonck, acting director of the city’s planning and development review department, said the city has reviewed the permit for the treehouse to ensure health, safety and well-being guests and neighbors before recommending that council approve it.

“Looking at this use, depending on the size of the plot, how it’s positioned and how far it is from neighbors… we felt it wouldn’t have a negative impact,” Vonck said. . “I believe it was also designed and approved by a licensed architect, so we have no concerns there.”

A few neighbors who live in the area said they were concerned about the frequency of guests there, some of whom may have trespassed on their property.

Robin Smith, who lives near the treehouse, said some guests had urinated in his yard.

“I live next door to the treehouse and I am very negatively affected by everything that happens in the treehouse,” Smith said. “There is excessive noise, garbage, traffic – you name it.”

Josh Rogers, Carrie’s husband, admitted some guests may have gotten lost on Smith’s property while walking the area trails, but said he had never heard anyone urinating on them. He said his family includes three young children and they pay attention to the behavior of their guests.

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