Rise of the “micro hen party”

‘Micro’ weddings and bachelorette parties first emerged as another of Covid-19’s consequent restrictions – but it looks like they’re here to stay.

Those who chose not to delay their celebrations opted for ‘micro’ weddings and smaller hens, everyone from Lily Allen to Princess Beatrice opting for streamlined but safe events with tiny guest lists. .

But now, as restrictions have relaxed completely, many of the estimated 400,000 couples who plan to marry in 2021 (60% more than in 2019) will continue to hold deliberately limited celebrations.

Before the restrictions on weddings were relaxed, many opted for celebrations at a social distance, with limits on guests in attendance, as well as hosting the occasions outdoors.

Girls’ night out organizers Emilee Tombs and Rachel Christie from Feste say small events have their merits: “All of our brides said the micro hen creates a more intimate experience,” says Tombs. “They could only have their best friends. Christie agrees: “The chickens were getting bigger and bigger – that was almost a bit excessive … Now it’s pretty good that you can be very selective and people can’t judge you for. that.”

For those who have indulged in the idea of ​​a low-key celebration do not have to fear that the “micro” hens will disappear anytime soon. For some brides-to-be, small affairs have always been the preferred choice – while many others quickly realize that there are many more options when the party is downsized.

With the majority of the UK fully vaccinated now, there are a lot more possibilities for chickens abroad – as there once was before the pandemic. It is certainly much easier to organize a trip with fewer guests – and it can certainly reduce the financial aspect to foot the bill for your celebrations.

So, how do you launch the perfect micro hen in 2021?

Keep virtual events structured

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