Rishi Sunak breaks silence on ‘plan B’ after leaked government note

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has spoken out on a leaked government memo that suggests Plan B is approaching.

When asked if it is time to introduce plan B to fight the coronavirus, Rishi Sunak said “at the moment the data does not suggest that we should immediately move to plan B”.

He told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show: “Well, the Prime Minister just said that we look at the data all the time, as you would expect too. We are monitoring everything, but at the moment the data is not do not. suggest that we should immediately switch to Plan B, but of course we will keep an eye on it and the plans are ready. ”

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak said a return from the leave program was “not on the cards”, adding that the vaccine rollout was the “best line of defense against having to travel to put restrictions in place”.

He told BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show: “Well that’s not planned as we don’t envision having to impose significant economic restrictions as we have had over the last year. , and the reason is, although we ‘I’ve always said that winter is going to be tough, the big change is the deployment of the vaccine which is our first line of defense and the best way to protect ourselves during the winter is to get the booster campaign, making sure this is firing on all cylinders, everyone gets their booster when asked.

“It’s the best line of defense against having to move around to put in place restrictions.”

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