Rtl today – Brussels: a network of prostitution of minors dismantled

One of the girls said she was forced into sex with 20 to 30 clients a day.

After making an appointment via a specialized classifieds site, customers went to Saint-Gilles, to an Airbnb apartment rented by the week. At least 4 underage girls were exploited by a prostitution network managed by four people including Tania, barely 18 years old and considered the organizer. She was the one who made the appointments, paid for the rentals and collected the money.

These are extremely serious facts. Elle contest, explains Edy Kiaku, lawyer of the suspect. She admits that when she was a minor, she engaged in these kinds of facts. But today, she denies being the person who is blamed for these facts.

The other three suspects are in their twenties. One of them is linked to an urban gang, the Negatif Clan. The justice suspects them of having forced underage girls into prostitution by creating a climate of terror and violence. “It is a girl who will inform her parents of the situation. They will go to the police station, file a complaint and she will explain that she has been forced into prostitution. This is how this investigation will begin and end in the placement under mandate of different people. “


This young girl is 16 years old. She explained to investigators that she was sometimes forced to do 20/30 clients a day. “We actually realize that these are young girls who are most of the time in precarious environments, where sex is totally trivialized and the body totally liberated, and on the other hand a consumer society where young people want immediately and easily, says Yahima Kengo, criminal lawyer. We therefore realize that some young girls want to prostitute themselves.

And the gear is then started. At this stage of the investigations, four suspects are under arrest warrants. Investigators believe that nine young women, including four minors, were used by the network.

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