Russian Users Can’t Access Netflix Without VPN

netflix announcementon Friday that he had suspended the accounts of Russian users without VPNs amid Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

Last March, the giant streamer halted service in Russia and halted production of all its upcoming Russian-language series in production and post-production, and suspended future acquisitions from Moscow amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson said.

Netflix also refused to comply with Russian rules for broadcasting news channels.

The company had just under a million subscribers in Russia, compared to a total of 222 million paid subscriptions worldwide, according to CNBC’s report.

Similarly, Airbnb is halting operations in Russia and Belarus due to the invasion of Ukraine. The decision includes around 90,000 active short-term rentals across various platforms in Russia and just over 1,800 in Belarus, according to Reuters.

Google also suspended its advertising activities in Russia after Apple announced that it would stop selling its phones and computers there.

The tech giant suspended all ads on the search, YouTube and display networks early Friday after the Russian government asked it to block ads related to Ukraine.

“Given the extraordinary circumstances, we are suspending Google ads in Russia. The situation is changing rapidly and we will continue to share updates as appropriate,” Google spokesperson Michael Aciman said. said in a report.

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