Salvation for travelers: 5 programs you need to have before your trip

“Traveling can become not only a great pleasure, but also a headache, it is not known how to plan their work. Fortunately, today I can not only decide where to travel, but also choose the most suitable items for travel, store visa reservations in one place and even share expenses with a group of people, ”says Martynas Vrubliauskas of Bitė Profas and shares five apps you want to easily protect. . from the worries of organizing travel.

Triplt pocket travel guide

Airline tickets, hotel reservations and other documents are an integral part of any trip. Still, it takes a lot of time to plan a detailed trip and keep track of schedules to keep up with the changes. And where are the more cases where several trips are planned at once and the mailbox finds itself in a pile of order confirmation letters, between which it is easy to get lost.

“Triplt App” (“Android“Ir”IOS“) Is a pocket guide that sells all the documents needed for a trip in one place. She scans the mailbox, finds a booking for transportation and hotels, and makes a travel plan. It also notifies you if there are pending unscheduled schedule changes. So you won’t find yourself in a situation where a few minutes before the flight, you will realize that you are not in the terminal where you need to be, ”says Bitė’s smart device expert.

Airbnb – Experience the locals

Many are familiar with the Airbnb accommodation serviceAndroid“Ir”IOS”), Which helps to rent a place of residence directly from the locals. However, little is known about the company’s new Airbnb Experiences platform. It allows you to book experiences with locals and get to know the culture in a way that big tour operators will never offer.

Photo by Planning

The Airbnb Experiences platform can be used to order experiences created by locals, such as pasta with Italian grandmothers or a trip through Moscow’s dungeons with former soldiers. Therefore, even active adventure seekers will experience indelible impressions here, ”says M. Wrubliauskas and adds that the platform services operate in several dozen countries, including Lithuania.

PackPoint is a smart suitcase

Anyone who has traveled has experienced a situation where, when they go to an agreed place, they realize that they have left one or more items and clothes needed for the trip. This is often due to the rush, but often also because of unfamiliar places we are traveling to and we don’t know what might be needed there.

“PackPoint Gadget (“Android“Ir”IOS“) There is real salvation. Mark where you will travel, what you will do and how long it will take, she will provide a comprehensive list of recommended items and even clothing. So if rain is expected during the trip, the app will remind you to pick up an umbrella. In this way, you will not be soaked and you will not be forced to change plans and quickly look for shops, ”says M. Wrubliauskas.

Travel Planning – Splitwise

For those who often have to share travel expenses with friends or relatives, the money planning program Splitwise (“Android“Ir”IOS“). It will allow you to conveniently plan and track expenses, bringing all travelers together in one virtual group.

“If you’ve incurred expenses like paying for friends’ lunch at a restaurant or tickets to an amusement park, check out an app that has a lot and how many people have that account. At the end of the trip, you will see who owes whom and how much exactly. And in order not to forget the debts, the members of the group e-mail. mailboxes abound reminders of refunds. This will save you time and forget the hassle of calculating or storing checks, then we want to recommend the trip more, ”says Bitė Profas.

For active travel enthusiasts – AllTrails

Active leisure is currently experiencing a revival. There is much that can be done in a pandemic when many people discover the sport and start spending more time in the fresh air. So it is natural that the favorite walk or run moves on trips as well.

Photo by Age Travelers

Photo by Age Travelers

AllTrails (“Android“Ir”IOS”) Offers more than 200 thousand. hiking and jogging trails skirt for fitness people in different parts of the world. So when you go, you will no longer have to look for locals or pay money to guides. To have the necessary things and smart ones, to choose without hassle, who research alone, ”says M. Wrubliauskas and adds that here you will find and would like routes adapted for pets.

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