San Francisco is not included in Top Taco Cities

Yesthere are ears, I posted a New York Times item which included a survey of the best tacos in San José. And believe me, I took the responsibility very, very seriously.

I dragged my dad – a retired judge from San Jose – to at least eight top candidates for a judicious examination of the strengths and weaknesses of different joints, the texture of tortillas, the mixture of chopped onions and cilantro, grilled meats and of course sauces.

So … I deserved the rIshould declare that the persons initiating a new investigation into “Best California Towns for Tacos” on LawnStarter deserves to be taken out in public and bombarded with, oh, say, months-old pieces of small intestine and forced to eat only Taco Bell for a month. Or maybe a year. Or maybe longer.

The nerve! How dare they!

A list of the 10 best California cities for tacos that don’t even mention San Francisco or the Mission? And only reluctantly drop Berkeley (9) and Oakland (14)? In favor of a top five among: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, San Diego?

Then a list of the 10 best California cities for Irish Coffee that focuses on San Bernardino and Indio but doesn’t even mention Buena Vista and San Francisco.

A press release on the list of tacos that appeared in my email inbox this week explained that in order to come up with the list, “was looking for cities with broad access to tacos, top Michelin honors, High consumer ratings and taco festivals. We even factored in Google search volumes for “tacos” to gauge the love of local tacos. ”Here are all of them. their discoveries. And no, I don’t know why “” wants to get into sci-fi taco criticism.

For a little perspective I called Planet Taco author Jeffrey Pilcher, who has gone from a taco story to a beer story.

He admitted to being surprised that such a list could skip San Francisco but didn’t want to doom the list without a thorough review of its methodology. However, he noted: “When the book Planet Taco in 2012 came out, I did a read in San Francisco, and they took me to Mission’s original burrito location, El Faro, and it was good.

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As for what constitutes a taco, even in Mexico there is room for a lot of variety. Pilcher has a basic standard at this point: “I ate a lot of bad tacos as research for this book, but now if that doesn’t remind me of what I would get in Mexico, I’m not interested. “

In honour of National Taco Day, Coming October 4, take a special survey in bold italics on the best tacos in the Bay Area. Post your favorites below, preferably with photos.

Here are some notable ones:

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