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Cloud hosting company Scaleway is adding a new type of instance today: Mac mini powered by Apple’s M1 chip. New instances cost $ 0.10 per hour, around $ 0.12 at today’s rate – there’s a 24-hour minimum commitment.

Scaleway hosts these new computers in its DC4 data center in Paris – it is a former underground fallout shelter. Currently, Mac mini are not available at the company’s other data centers in Amsterdam or Warsaw.

When you boot a Mac mini from the console, you get an entry-level Mac mini with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD, and macOS Big Sur. And of course, it uses Apple’s first Arm-based chip, the M1.

After that you can connect to the instance using VNC – you will see the desktop environment and you can use it like a normal Mac. You can also connect directly to the instance using SSH in case you only need a command line interface.

Scaleway isn’t the first company to offer Mac mini instances. Amazon Web Services recently launched its own Mac mini instances, but they rely on Intel i7 processors and cost $ 1.083 per hour, or $ 26 for 24 hours. The company will likely release M1 minis at some point in the future.

There are also several Mac-focused hosting companies, such as MacStadium, MacinCloud, MacWeb, and Mac Mini Vault. An M1-powered Mac mini with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage currently costs $ 109 or € 109 per month on MacStadium – that’s slightly more expensive than Scaleway. If you keep a Mac Mini instance for 30 days on Scaleway, it costs € 72 (or $ 87 at today’s rate).

You may use Mac servers for development purposes, and in particular for continuous integration and delivery. Creating an iOS app requires a Mac. You can’t just build the app on an Ubuntu server. So if you want to build your app on a server, you need to rent a Mac.

But you can have different use cases for a Mac server. You might want to use it to test your macOS app on Apple Silicon before you publish it. Or you might just want to play around with the M1.

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