Scam AirBnB host lists a TENT for ‘the glamping experience’ in their garden for almost double the price of a hotel room

AN AirBnB host listed a tent in their back garden as a ‘glamping experience’ and charged almost DOUBLE the price of a hotel room.

The flimsy-looking camping tent in East Sussex will cost you £76 a night.


An AirBnB host has listed a tent in their back garden as a ‘glamping experience’Credit: Airbnb
The tent is overcrowded


The tent is overcrowdedCredit: Airbnb
The vacation rental is at the bottom of a man's garden


The vacation rental is at the bottom of a man’s gardenCredit: Airbnb

Guests will sleep on a thin mattress and only have three blankets to keep warm.

Boasting a hot tub and an outdoor fireplace, the vacation let is available to anyone wishing to visit Brighton and Hove from January.

At this time of year, the average temperature in the seaside town can drop to 3°C.

What would be perfect for a muddy festival ground actually costs more than a night in a nearby four-star beachfront B&B.

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The host, Azz, explains on the AirBnB list: “It may be just a tent but hidden in a nice garden with a view of the sea.

“Right in front of your tent is a fire pit with patio furniture and a nearby hot tub.

“Free off road parking, you also have access to the facilities in the house (hot shower, toilet, full kitchen).

“Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the garden, which is illuminated by a color-changing LED spotlight.

“And on some nights you can be entertained by the host’s fire pit night with traditional Asian dancing.”

The tent is crowded with a bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers and soft toys.

The listing pictures also show the blue canvas tent topped with several brightly colored blankets.

The so called bed doesn’t seem to have a sheet or duvet on it – just a few random pillows.

AirBnB has been contacted for comment.

The bed seems like a thin mattress


The bed seems like a thin mattressCredit: Airbnb

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