Scene Group, creator of Manchester’s After Effects killer, wins £ 600,000 in funding

Amid the popularity of 3D / CGI animation, 2D animations still hold a special place among creators. Previously, creating 2D animation was a laborious process as each frame had to be drawn individually, whether it was digital or traditional animation.

However, the emergence of new technologies in 2D digital animation has opened up many possibilities in ways that creators couldn’t even imagine fifteen years ago.

Cavalry is one of those motion design animation apps that is a leap forward in 2D animation software. Manchester-based Scene Group is a startup founded by Chris Hardcastle, Ian Waters and Adam Jenns, who created a 2D animation app.

Funding of £ 600,000 has been raised

Recently, Scene Group raised £ 600,000 in funding to accelerate its international growth. The round was led by mobile game entrepreneurs and founders of Playdemic, Paul Gouge and Alex Rigby alongside ACF Investors.

According to the company, the cavalry was born out of frustration with the limitations of existing products. The application was entirely designed for animators, by animators.

25,000 people have registered

Cavalry offers real-time playback and dynamic data-driven content, as well as a full suite of traditional animation tools. “Cavalry combines the power and flexibility of 3D with the ease of use of 2D,” explains the company.

Its combination of features makes Cavalry a revolutionary tool for artists working in a variety of disciplines, including online, experimental, social, film, television, data visualization, illustration, and more.

Since its launch, more than 25,000 people have signed up, says the company, and they compete directly with After Effects, a digital visual effects application, and motion graphics, an application developed by Adobe Systems.

Chris Hardcastle, CEO of Scene Group commented: “Since the release of Cavalry in August 2020, we have been blown away by the variety and quality of work produced by our global community. This capital will help us to further accelerate Cavalry’s development and explore new ways for us to empower animators, designers and marketers to meet the demands of an ever-expanding media landscape.

George Whitehead, Partner at ACF Investors, commented: “Scene Group has already seen incredible initial success with the launch of Cavalry and we are delighted to support the company in its next phase of growth alongside an impressive syndicate of angel investors. The company builds on the foundations of Manchester’s thriving media industry, which as a city has a strong animation heritage and reputation, as well as the experience of accomplished, expert angel investors. in game design. These factors combined put it in a fantastic position to capitalize on the initial interest of the design community and create an exceptional product for creatives.

Paul Gouge, Angel Investor and Founder of Playdemic commented: “Cavalry represents a significant evolutionary leap in 2D animation software. The team has created a powerful solution to the problems that many animators and creative agencies have struggled with for years. We are delighted to invest in this incredible product and the highly experienced team behind it. “

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