Scottie Pippen Offers Chicago Home On Airbnb

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If you want to see how a six-time NBA champion lives, now you can visit – and check in – Scottie Pippen’s Chicago home.

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Exterior of Scottie Pippen’s house in Chicago. Photo by Airbnb

Pippen won six titles with the Chicago Bulls, but it was one of his two Olympic gold medals that led him to partner with Airbnb.

“In honor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I invite basketball fans to my home in Chicago to relive one of the highlights of my career – participating in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games”, shares- he does on his Airbnb article.

Pippen goes on to describe what potential customers can expect, from sports memorabilia and streaming services in their home theater, to their indoor basketball court, sauna, arcade and swimming pool.

Personal theater at Scottie Pippen's house in Chicago.
Personal theater in Scottie Pippen’s house in Chicago. Photo by Airbnb

Food is also included.

“Refuel with some of my favorite pre-game foods including fresh fruit and veg, or my usual dinner before a big game – a steak, a baked potato and asparagus,” added Pippen.

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The former NBA star will not be there in person to greet guests when they check in, but a virtual welcome will occur.

Indoor basketball court at Scottie Pippen's Chicago home.
Indoor basketball court at Scottie Pippen’s Chicago home. Photo by Airbnb

There are three overnight stays available at the house in Pippen’s Highland Park, Illinois. Up to four people can book August 2, 4 or 6, the days of which coincide with basketball games from the group stage to gold and silver medal games in Tokyo.

The best part, however, is the cost: $ 92 – a nod to the year he and the US team won gold medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

The ad is part of an Airbnb promotion as the company is a proud Olympic and Paralympic partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Bedroom in Scottie Pippen's house, overlooks the indoor basketball court.
Bedroom in Scottie Pippen’s house, overlooks the indoor basketball court. Photo by Airbnb

“As a two-time former Olympian, I really wanted to give the fans the experience of what it’s like to watch the games from home,” Pippen told Chicago Tribune. “I have a basketball court and a nice swimming pool. It was the opportunity to give a fan a chance to really live this experience and watch the games from home and sleep in my bed.

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The listing states that this is not a contest and that “guests are responsible for their own travel to and from Chicago.”

At $ 92 a night, it’s a steal.

Reservations open at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 22.

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