Scottie Pippen puts mansion on Airbnb for Olympics

Tired of watching an American team basketball game from your luxurious swimming pool, spending halftime in your arcade room and relaxing after a win in your indoor sauna? Maybe you would feel more relaxed doing all of these things in the $ 2 million mansion of Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen.

Pippen placed her mansion on Airbnb so fans can celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics in style. Pippen’s Mansion will be available for rent on August 2, 4 and 6. It’ll only cost $ 92 a night, which isn’t bad considering the mansion has an indoor basketball court.

Fans interested in staying at Pippen’s house – which is located in Highland Park, Illinois – can try to reserve a spot on Thursday. The reservation will open at 1 p.m. ET and will likely be extremely competitive.

In case you weren’t convinced by the idea, Pippen gave his house a tour last September.

Pippen has brought the mansion to market a few times in recent years. After listing it for $ 1.89 million in 2019, Pippen re-listed the property for $ 2 million last October.

Pippen no longer lives in the house full time. He mainly lives in Los Angeles and called the Chicago mansion “sort of vacation home now” during his video tour.

Scottie Pippen is making waves with new book on the way

If you’ve noticed that Pippen has been making headlines lately, there’s a reason for it. Pippen has a new book coming out in November.

He did a number of interviews which led to some pretty provocative headlines. He gave direct assessments of Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons, accused Phil Jackson of racism, and said Michael Jordan was acting for the cameras during in-game cheering talks.

The Airbnb listing is on the lighter side of this promotion. In the list, Pippen promises a prerecorded message to guests who rent out his house. We think this post will be welcoming, not one that puts it in a Twitter war with one of the game’s current stars.

You can rent Scottie Pippen’s mansion. (Photo by VCG / VCG via Getty Images)

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