Scottish brothers caged after mowing victim with car in ‘appalling’ murder attempt

Two brothers were jailed yesterday for mowing down a man with a car in an attempted murder that a judge condemned as “a gruesome crime”.

Alexander Sangster, 26, was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison for the assault and his older brother, Colin Sangster, 28, was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison.

The couple chased Paul Ross in their sister’s vehicle before stepping onto a sidewalk and punching Mr. Ross in the targeted attack.

He was shot in the body and thrown into the air before landing and sustaining serious injuries in Brechin, Angus.

Lord Beckett told the brethren at Edinburgh High Court: “By deliberately hitting the plaintiff with the car you could easily have killed him.

“It was an extremely serious example of attempted murder.”

Lord Beckett said the victim had permanent scars and was impaired after the attack.

He added: “In evil hands like yours, your sister’s car has become a brutal weapon. “

“For such a horrendous crime, there is no suitable alternative to a heavy prison sentence to punish you.”

He ordered that Alexander Sangster be kept under surveillance for a further three years and told him his sentence would begin at the end of a prison sentence he is currently serving for other offenses.

He has an extensive criminal record, including offenses of violence and dishonesty, and the judge told him: “While you Alexander Sangster were not driving, you were the driving force behind the commission of this crime which you then committed. that you were out on bail. “

Mr Ross said earlier at the brothers’ trial that as a result of the attack, his left leg “hung out like a bit of spaghetti”.

He underwent major surgery for his injuries. The younger brother was heard saying as he and his older brother fled from the scene, “What the fuck did we do.”

The brothers – who were under the influence of alcohol – originally denied attempting to assassinate greenkeeper Mr. Ross on August 18, 2019. But a jury unanimously sentenced them earlier this year.

Kenneth Cloggie, lawyer for Colin Sangster, said: “He admitted on his part that if he had been sober it is likely that this offense would not have taken place.”

David Moggach, on behalf of the younger brother, said he had no recollection of the offense.

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