Scottish grandma and pal caught with £24,000 worth of cocaine after son ran up drug debt

Two Scottish pensioners caught with more than £24,000 worth of cocaine are behind bars.

Helen Wright, 67, and Moira Robertson, 65, were also trapped with £51,000 in cash at a house in Baillieston, Glasgow.

Grandma Wright committed the crime in order to help pay off her son’s drug debt.

She recruited her friend Robertson and used her house to store the hideout.

The couple pleaded guilty in Glasgow Sheriff’s Court to a single charge of being involved in the supply of cocaine on June 20, 2019.

Wright was jailed for 20 months while first offender Robertson was sentenced to 18 months in today’s sentencing.

Helen Wright hid the powder to pay off her son’s drug debt

Sheriff Matthew Jackson QC said: “Miss Wright – you did this to settle someone else’s debt.

“The day you committed the crime, you showed up at Miss Robertson’s with more cocaine.

“It is a great regret that I cannot find exceptional circumstances here and that you have crossed the threshold into police custody.”

Addressing Robertson, the Sheriff said: “You committed this crime for no financial gain to help your so-called friend.

“You said you didn’t know how many drugs would be involved and you didn’t know there would be a significant amount of money deposited.

“You said you knew this was happening a week before and you knowingly used your house to store medicine and paraphernalia.”

An earlier hearing was told Robertson’s home was searched by police after a warrant was issued.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “Officers recovered £51,000 in cash from Robertson.

Cops found £51,000 in cash at Moira Robertson's home in Baillieston
Cops found £51,000 in cash at Moira Robertson’s home in Baillieston

“An additional 533 grams of cocaine were found which police say was worth £13,800 gross with a street value of £21,780.

“Polybags and scales were also recovered.

“During the search, Wright showed up at Robertson’s door.

“She was found with 15 polythene bags containing white powder worth £2,800.”

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The couple, both still from Baillieston, were arrested and made no response to the warning and charge.

Stephen Bentley, defending Wright, told the court: “She got involved to pay off a drug debt her son incurred.

“His last previous offense was analogous and 12 years ago.

“She takes full responsibility for her involvement and her actions.”

Paul Sutherland, defending Wright, said: “She is very sorry about this.

“She received no financial incentive for her involvement, but her savings were seized following the proceeds of crime case.”

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