Scottish predator who suffocated and sexually assaulted young Japanese tourist after breaking into his Airbnb convicted

A SEXUAL predator has been convicted of strangling and sexually assaulting a young Japanese tourist on the second day of her trip to Scotland.

Kevin Turner had denied breaking into the 24-year-old Airbnb apartment and assaulting her with the intention of raping her during a terrifying hour-long ordeal.


Kevin Turner suffocated and sexually assaulted 24-year-old tourist after breaking into his Airbnb

The respectable young woman, testifying in the Livingston High Court via live CCTV from Tokyo in Japan, also told cops her attacker had distinctive tattoos and identified the accused from police photographs of suspects.

A jury took just over two hours to reach a unanimous verdict convicting him after it emerged that Turner’s DNA had been found on his victim’s neck.

Turner, 29, who gave Galashiels an address but is from Leith, was also convicted of proposing to a 50-year-old mother in an Edinburgh park and asking her to go down an alley isolated with him “for fun”.

He had previously been cleared of repeatedly assaulting and raping a 26-year-old woman at a house in Gifford, East Lothian, after the judge ruled that the evidence for the other offenses was insufficiently corroborated.

Judge Lord Braid added Turner’s name to the sex offender register with immediate effect and told him details of his conviction would be notified to Scottish ministers under the protection of the Vulnerable Groups Act.

He asked for a criminal justice social work report and told Turner he would be sentenced in Edinburgh High Court on June 8.

Turner outside court


Turner outside court


He withdrew the bond and placed the accused in pre-trial detention until then.

During Turner’s trial in Livingston’s High Court, the Japanese tourist recounted how she visited Edinburgh on the second day of her three-day visit to Scotland on February 9, 2019 before taking the Princess Street bus back to her apartment in vacation rental in Musselburgh. , East Lothian.

She said she had just entered the building when she heard someone knocking on the outside door.

Speaking through an interpreter, she said: “I thought this might be one of the residents, so I opened it. He was a man but I didn’t know him. I did not have a conversation (with him) but returned to my apartment.

Soon after, she heard someone knocking on the interior door of her apartment but couldn’t see anyone through the peephole so ignored him.

She continued, “Someone knocked again so I looked through the peephole again. I couldn’t see anything so I opened it and saw the man I saw at the front door.

Turner was convicted by the Livingston High Court


Turner was convicted by the Livingston High CourtCredit: Alamy

“Before the man came into my apartment, he said, ‘Are you okay?’ I did not answer. He just pushed to open the door. I was very scared. I tried to push back but he entered my room.

“I remember he just strangled my neck. He pushed me against the wall and I tried to leave him, but he tried to come towards me and I tried to fight it.

She recounted how she ended up on her back on the floor of a messy room with Turner undoing her jeans and trying to take them off.

She said, “I tried not to (let him) take them off. I had a hard time with that.

When asked if Turner had managed to get his jeans down, she replied, “Yes he did. I’m fighting him so maybe not that far away. We are fighting each other.

“He asked me to have sex more than once. I think I kept saying no.

She said she didn’t want to reveal which part of her body he touched because the men were listening to her.

She added: “My memory is very vague, but he also asked me to hand over the keys to him and also he tried to push me several times.”

Turner was described as a “freak freak” by a 50-year-old woman who testified that he approached her and made a sexual remark asking her to accompany him to “have fun” on a secluded path in Edinburgh. May 7, 2019.

The council worker said she drove to Harrison Park in the capital to pick up her son from football practice around 6:45 p.m.

As she walked along the secluded path of the Old Caledonian Railroad, she said she was “afraid” to come across a strange young man – the accused.

She told a jury: “I could see him walking up and down and I thought, ‘He’s a sexual predator!’ He’s looking for someone else to approach.

She said Turner had followed her from her car to the park railings and suddenly appeared next to her.

She said: “I didn’t even know he was there. I was stunned. My heart was pounding. I was shocked that he followed me.

“He said, ‘Do you want to go back for fun?’ He was pointing to this isolated railroad. I thought he meant, ‘Do you want to have sex?’ I said, ‘F ** k off! Go away! Kiss my ass ! He just stood there looking at me.

She added, “I actually said, ‘You’re weird. “I meant ‘you scare me’. It was intimidating. He continued to be intimidating being in this neighborhood. I was forced to think, ‘How am I going to get past this guy?’

The jury returned a unanimous verdict condemning Turner for sexually assaulting the Japanese tourist and a majority verdict condemning him for making an unwanted sexual remark to the 50-year-old.

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