Scottish village named second best holiday destination in UK to relax and unwind

A quaint Scottish village has been named second in a list of the UK’s best holiday destinations to relax and unwind.

Killin in Stirling beat Windermere in Cumbria and Thurlestone in Devon to be ranked second behind Watermillock in Cumbria as one of the best places for a wellness break.

Data analysis by I am insured took UK locations appearing in Tripadvisor search results for the term ‘relaxation’ and ranked them according to a number of factors to reveal the best places in the UK for a calm and relaxing wellness break.

Surprisingly, Killin was the only Scottish village named in the top 20.

A top 20 card

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Research I am insured took into account the population of the destination to see how remote it is, if the air is fresh, and how much green space there is to enjoy.

The scan also looked at the lack of signal to facilitate digital detox, the number of nearby wellness activities, and the number of commendable two-person Airbnbs with hot tubs.

Described as an “idyllic highland village to escape and disconnect from technology,” Killin has been hailed for its remoteness and tranquility, and for having one of the highest green space scores.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured said: “The isolated village of Killin sits at Dochart Falls – a series of spectacular rapids, offering stunning views. Famous for its salmon fishing, wildlife viewing and water sports, it is the ideal place to relax, getaway in the open air.

“Killin lets you explore the great outdoors in vast green spaces – it truly is the perfect place to get away from it all and disconnect.

“Scotland is full of other treasures of relaxation … Brodick, Stobo and Pitlochry also rank among the best for a wellness break.”

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