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Karla Hostetler has listed her Scottsdale guesthouse on Airbnb for over four years and was recently recognized as one of the best online hosting platforms in Arizona.

The 1,200 square foot, one bed, one bath home has its own garage, washer and dryer and shares a large backyard and pool with Hostetler’s main house – which guests are welcome to enjoy.

Although Hostetler has owned an Airbnb property for four years, their affinity for the business started a little earlier.

Seven to eight years ago, Hostetler started using Airbnb while traveling and loved the concept.

When she got home she decided she wanted to sell her house and get a bigger property with a guesthouse that she could use as Airbnb and that she would have on hand when her parents husband or her husband’s decided they wanted to move in.

“I said ‘you know what I’m a little tired of driving to do different things we love Airbnb find a place that has a guesthouse that we will try as Airbnb'” said Hostetler.

Its 5-star Airbnb garnered almost 120 positive reviews as people raved about the location of the property and the friendliness of a Hostetler host.

“When people come here I want them to have a great experience,” she said. “I want this to be fun.”

Hostetler begins each experience by greeting guests at the front door of the property, then shows them around the house which begins in the living room.

The living room is decorated with comfortable leather furniture surrounding an entertainment center filled with board games and an Xbox game console.

Inside the living room is a breakfast bar and a dinner table, while the bedroom offers a warm atmosphere and a sliding glass door that leads to the property’s rear courtyard.

At the end of the tour, Hostetler shows their guests a binder with general information about the property, where to eat and what to do.

“When people check in and I meet them, I can give much better suggestions once I see them,” she said. “I always suggest the Musical Instrument Museum – especially on a hot day – the Phoenix Zoo, the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Railroad Park, and Butterfly Wonderland.”

It even classifies restaurants and activities based on distance from the residence.

“I put my favorite places nearby, then I put my favorite places 20 minutes away,” Hostetler said. “I’ve done breakfast places in particular, golf courses, cinemas and things that I love to do when I travel or things I wouldn’t want them to be missing if I was here in vacation.”

Hostetler makes the most of the state’s tourist season, which typically resumes early in the year.

“From mid-January to early April, I’m excited,” she said. “When Barrett-Jackson starts and then there’s the Arabian horse that feeds off the Phoenix Open, then spring training kicks off.”

Hostetler said during this time it is not uncommon for her to send guests out in the morning and then new guests to check in the same afternoon.

When tourists don’t come in and out its property, Hostetler has seen a significant number of patient bookings at the Mayo Clinic.

Hostetler said she met the nicest people while running an Airbnb, although a guest who came to receive experimental treatment at the Mayo Clinic became her most memorable.

A woman stayed at Hostetler for seven weeks last December, at a time when Hostetler was redesigning her living room and had moved an existing piano to the guest bedroom.

She was initially worried about the move, but it turned out to be a perfect coincidence.

The guest was an accomplished pianist and played the piano throughout her stay.

“I was just thinking, what were the odds of me putting this piano in the bedroom,” Hostetler said with a laugh.

While this was one of the most memorable moments of her time as an Airbnb host, Hostetler best exemplified what hospitality means to her with another interaction with a guest.

She had an older couple in town to watch a Milwaukee Brewers spring practice game who were having trouble printing their tickets.

Hostetler ushered the couple into the main house and they all sat down together at the computer and were able to successfully print the tickets.

“It’s just things like that where I think how could I improve this state?” It took no effort to come and do it, ”she said. “Anything you can do to make it more fun and work for them, I guess it’s hospitable, being a nice person.”

Hostetler prides itself on their generosity as a host and always loves when that generosity is reciprocated.

“We really met the nicest people and it’s nice when you see them come back,” she said.


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