Scottsdale traffic suspect arrested after neighbor noticed something was wrong, police say

A neighbor who felt something was wrong was able to help a woman trafficked by a man to Scottsdalethe police department said.

The suspect, Steven Hurry, allegedly argued with the woman outside a house when the neighbor noticed something was wrong between the two.

Police were called to investigate and the woman told officers she was trafficked by Hurry.

Hurry was arrested and imprisoned for sex trafficking, pimping, sexual abuse, aggravated assault, assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Details of the alleged abuse

Court documents submitted by the Scottsdale Police Department say Hurry and the victim had been living together since May 2022 in California after starting out as a housekeeper.

On May 25, Hurry reportedly asked her to come with him to Arizona to earn some money.

They first stayed in Tucson. This is where police say Hurry convinced the victim to let him take pictures of her for an advertisement he was going to create to offer her to others for sex acts.

“She described making $700 the first time for sex in 20 minutes with an unknown male subject, and the defendant took the full $700. After that, the defendant collected the birth certificate, the social security card and other forms of the victim’s identity and credential and lock them in a box,” the report read.

The victim never had access to the box.

While in Tucson, police say the victim was forced to have sex with men for money and if she ran out of money or didn’t put the money where she wanted by Hurry, he beat her.

In late November 2022, Hurry and the victim moved to Scottsdale, staying at the Roadway Inn.

“Defendant created and published advertisements featuring the victim’s photographs and advertising sex for money, which included $350 an hour for full sex or a quick, 15-minute visit for $120” , police said.

They also say that Hurry recorded the sexual encounters and put them on a hard drive. This happened about four to six times a week.

Hurry and the wife later moved into an Airbnb in Scottsdale.

On December 26, Hurry allegedly got into car trouble and wanted to use the money the victim was getting to pay to fix it, but she told him she ‘couldn’t take it anymore’, didn’t want to continue and wanted to leave. . .

She didn’t count the money she received from a “customer” that day and Hurry got angry and confronted her in the kitchen. Hurry was yelling at him, and the victim yelled back – catching the attention of a neighbor who called 911.

Between the screams and when officers arrived, Hurry allegedly grabbed the woman and pushed her against the fridge and lifted her up. She said she couldn’t breathe but never passed out.

She had to perform a sexual act for him to stop.

Officers arrived just after Hurry left to repair his car. He was found not far from the Airbnb and reportedly admitted to officers that an argument had occurred, but denied abuse and would not answer questions about sex trafficking.

Suspect arrested

A nurse documented signs of physical abuse on the victim. It was then that Hurry was arrested and his cell phone seized.

The victim told officers that Hurry raped her on Christmas Day. She said she wanted to leave him, but he had control of all her documents and money.

Police say the text exchanges between the victim and Hurry were about setting up ‘dates’ with men for money, and included the date, time, sex act and amount money she had to collect.

“A written document setting out the details between master and slave was in the defendant’s computer bag. The document was unsigned but the victim later advised that she had sent him a contact by email because she had disabled her location services on her cell phone and he became extremely angry,” police said. “Also in the computer bag was a copy of the victim’s marriage license. She had no idea how he obtained the information or obtained the document.”

As for the recordings of the sexual encounters that Hurry allegedly kept track of, they were found on a USB key at the Airbnb. She says she never consented to be recorded.

“The state is requesting that the defendant be held on $150,000 bail. The defendant inflicted physical and mental harm and forced the victim to engage in sexual acts for monetary gain,” police said. .

The Scottsdale Police Department says you can use the following resources to report suspected criminal activity, including trafficking:

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