See Holistic-Care start-up Kensho Health’s $ 3.5 million pitch deck

Krista Berlincourt knew she was exhausted, but struggled to find treatment in the mainstream health system.

She had just left Simple after its takeover by Spanish bank BBVA, and she knew her years at the startup had worn her out. After breaking with doctors and traditional practices, Berlincourt turned to holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine is a broad term that refers to many spiritual and physical practices that operate outside the traditional healthcare system. Patients seeking holistic health care may turn to an acupuncturist for help with chronic migraine headaches or to a breathing specialist for anxiety management.

But many holistic healthcare providers do not have the same credentials and control as traditional physicians. This can make it difficult for patients to find the right one.

After her own foray into the world of holistic health, Berlincourt began to see an opening for a company that could catalog and review the practitioners who had assisted her in her recovery from burnout. So, in 2018, she launched Kensho Health to do just that.

Like Yelp, the startup allows users to research and rate vendors. Berlincourt aims to add more tools to help people connect with the right kind of practitioner, like the care navigation company Accolade.

On Thursday, Kensho Health raised $ 3.5 million in seed funding led by KB Partners, with participation from Company Ventures and Gaingels. He has raised $ 5.5 million to date and had family and friends including Alex Bitoun, a co-founder of Livongo.

“It may be a generation issue, but there is a belief that it just shouldn’t be that difficult,” Berlincourt said. “It should be as simple as a dating app, where you can set parameters and ultimately pairing the data will generate the right match.”

Here is the presentation Berlincourt used to raise $ 3.5 million in seed funding.

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