See Kate Beckinsale wearing black leather boots and a gauze dress

Kate Beckinsale wears high leather boots and a gauze dress.

By Mark McKee | Posted

Kate Beckinsale has been one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses over the past thirty years, building a resume of independent blockbusters and comedies and working with everyone from Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman to Adam Sandler and Colin Ferrel. Outside of her film career, she is continually causing a stir online and win internet with her Instagram account, which is both funny, sexy and hard-hitting. Saturday, the Underworld The actress posted this photo in familiar Selina black leather boots and a gauze dress.

The post shows Kate Beckinsale lying in a chair with latex designer Nina Kate lying in an opposite chair in similar outfits; not the first time the friends have paired up on Instagram. While a cat is lying in a cat bed between the two actresses, if you skip to the second slide, you can find Beckinsale’s cat (a full-fledged personality on the star page) sitting on the back table -plan, using the teapot. Beckinsale posts an apt caption referencing her cat’s harmful behavior with the simple phrase “Tea Time.”

Kate Beckinsale and Nina Kate can be seen all over the internet together, as they grace each other’s social media pages seemingly every three or four posts. Kate is an actress known for her roles in small productions like high falls, Whispersand The path. She’s also a model and is working on an Airbnb mountain couples getaway. She is best known for the company she started, Jane Doe Latex, which Beckinsale wears often since she brought latex back with her defining role in her career. underworld franchise.

The actress also tagged three other people in the post: Rob Scheppy, Jose Corella and Miwa Kobayashi. Scheppy is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist and hairstylist, best known for his work on Keeping up with the Kardashians and for working with stars such as the Kardashian family and Jenner, Julia Michaels, Karol G., Kate Beckinsale, and being featured in Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Miwa Kobayashi is a Japanese manicurist. His Instagram scattered Kate Beckinsale, as well as Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya and Gweneth Paltrow.

Jose Corella is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles and has made a name for himself with his attention to detail. He received accolades and articles from almost every publication while researching Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne and Keke Palmer. The trio of pros combined with the on-camera duo of Nina Kate and Kate Beckinsale meant it was almost impossible for the result to be anything but stellar.

While Kate Beckinsale doesn’t light up the marquee with blockbuster movies like she used to, she’s prominent in series like The widow on Amazon Prime and another short film from the production, jerk. There are millions of accounts on Instagram, from celebrities to influencers, and some are better than others, but if you have time to spare, Beckinsale’s account is one of the best. And, of course, don’t forget to give the cat the attention it deserves.

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