Selfish Yorkshire marriage con artist Dana Twidale who duped 26 victims out of £ 57,000 is jailed for five years

Dana Twidale, 44, of Newtown Court, Hull, stole £ 57,000 from 26 of her victims during a two-year campaign, targeting many of the most vulnerable, to fuel her gambling habit, a learned Hull Crown Court.

Twidale’s deception began in July 2018 when she met her first victim on the internet dating app Tinder. The man, who had just lost his father, fell in love with her from a story she had concocted about a victim of domestic violence. In an effort to gain her trust, Twidale sent her pictures of herself with a black eye and bruises on her face, which she blamed her partner for. She later admitted that she put on makeup to make it look like she had been beaten. She also claimed that her mother was deceased and that she needed money for her funeral, stating that he would get the money back from a life insurance policy she had taken out from her previously deceased father. .

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Prosecutor Dale Brooks said: “The accused told very calculating and emotional lies about domestic violence and the alleged death of his own mother. They were told to gain his trust and sympathy.

Dana twidale

“The accused then started making repeated demands for money, getting £ 42,000 from a man who did not have that kind of money. He had to borrow several thousand pounds from the bank and from his own. family.”

The man must have received advice following his ordeal.

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After learning that the woman was about to receive a substantial sum of money, Twidale gained her trust and offered her to invest £ 2,500 in a wedding planning company – claiming her former business partner was was withdrawn. The woman gave Twidale just over £ 650 of her money.

It was using her wedding business, which she initially started in 2016, that Twidale defrauded 24 other victims, who told her to organize various parts of their special day, parting with their hard-earned cash. Some couples only found out their plans had been ruined the day before their nuptials when vendors informed them that they had no record of the booking made through Twidale.

The couples lost sums of money ranging from £ 100 to £ 2,247.

“When I think back to my wedding day, it is now filled with stress and sadness.”

As rumors of his scams began to circulate on social media, Twidale fled with the money to Benidorm for a month’s vacation.

She was arrested and charged on her return to East Yorkshire.

Twidale pleaded guilty to 26 counts of fraud between August 2017 and July 2019.

In mitigation, Michelle Stuart-Lofthouse said Twidale felt extremely remorseful for her actions.

She said: “The words she wrote in the numerous documents for me include how sorry she is for all the couples involved in her offense.

“She also says that the word sorry doesn’t mean anything and she accepts it because what’s done is done.

“She accepts that she took advantage of everyone involved and reminded me again that she doesn’t want any forgiveness. She knows they can’t forgive her and that it’s not enough to apologize.”

Judge Bury called Twidale’s actions “shameful” and sentenced her to a total of five years in prison.

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