Set Jet arrives in Salt Lake City

Adjust spraythe private jet subscription app which is popular among millennials and primarily serves West Coast destinations such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas, has announced that it is now launching flight itineraries to Salt Lake City, UT.

When Set Jet launched, it quickly became a favorite travel hack for frequent travelers, and especially millennials, who were looking for an elevated travel experience at accessible prices. The trend has worsened during the pandemic, with consumers placing even greater importance on the peace of mind and flexibility offered by private aviation.

Set Jet’s expansion into Salt Lake City was born out of overwhelming demand from app members to travel to the emerging technology hub and high-end ski destination often dubbed The Silicon Slopes.

Set Jet CEO Tom Smith provided insight into Set Jet’s landing in SLC and the private jet travel landscape among Millennials and Gen Z consumers.

GritDaily: What attracted Set Jet to the SLC market?

Tom Smith: The service offered by Set Jet is entirely based on member demand. Set Jet flies where its members want to fly, so the decision to open the Salt Lake City route was based on member interest. Salt Lake City is one of our most popular flight routes, especially during the winter months. Set Jet members are looking forward to the ski season in the Salt Lake area and we are excited to finally connect our Salt Lake City members with Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Southern California and the rest of Set Jet’s destinations.

GD: When will SLC flights be available?

TS: Set Jet flights to Salt Lake City will begin scheduled routes beginning in December 2022 for the ski season. And for members based in the Salt Lake area looking to get out of the snow and into the sun, memberships are available to book now at Membership in the Salt Lake region is limited and growing rapidly.

GD: What types of travel experiences or needs do you see most often among your customers right now?

TS: Set Jet members enjoy the convenience of a stress-free luxury travel experience that saves them the most valuable asset: time! Our members enjoy spacious and convenient private VIP terminals without the traditional inconvenience of commercial air travel and Set Jet members truly enjoy the experience of flying again, instead of dreading it.

GD: What is unique to millennials or Gen Z in their travel preferences?

TS: Millennials and Gen Z live up to that adage, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” We find that these generations value a luxurious travel experience and start their vacation clocks as soon as they begin their journey. Set Jet is the only private airline that offers its members a true, luxurious private jet experience on a large cabin aircraft for a cost more familiar than a commercial first class ticket. Set Jet members enjoy the privacy, security, convenience and luxury of a private flight at a price unmatched in the industry.

GD: What are the driving forces in aviation at the moment, particularly private ones?

TS: The hassle of commercial travel has driven the private jet industry to unprecedented demand. Set Jet’s revolutionary new approach to facilitating private jet travel allows its members to enjoy travel without the hassle of advance notice for booking flights, price bonuses for last-minute trips, excessive airport travel, extended check-in requirements, security delays and parking fees.

GD: What excites you about the future of Set Jet?

TS: We are excited for what the future holds for Set Jet! Our membership base is growing every day and we plan to expand, not only nationally, but internationally as well. We are transforming the air travel industry just like Uber for taxis and Airbnb for home rentals; Set Jet has changed affordability and accessibility for those who want the luxury travel experience of a private flight.

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