Seven in 10 Americans who plan to travel with their pets this year say their pet deserves a getaway

Motel 6 Partners With Patriot PAWS To Share Pet Safety Tips

DALLAS, August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – New research from Motel 6 reveals that when Americans hit the roads, they will do so with their pets, as the majority (54%) of cat and dog owners have indicated they plan to travel with their pet in the next year. The budget accommodation brand where pets always stay free has released new survey data from 1,000 U.S. people planning to travel with their pets in the next year.

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The survey found that nearly seven in ten (68%) say their pet deserves a getaway this year, but only 8% of those surveyed are planning a trip with their four-legged friend by researching travel websites. accepting pets. To help travelers enjoy a well-deserved break with their pets, Motel 6 has partnered with Patriot PAWS, an organization dedicated to training and providing assistance dogs to disabled U.S. Veterans and to the United States. ‘other people in need, to share tips on how to do this safely.

“Traveling with your pet is great for socialization and training, especially for young animals,” says Dr. Rhonda phillips, veterinarian and member of the board of directors of Patriot PAWS. “A few simple steps like thinking twice when packing, making pit stops along the way, and doing some research before your trip can help take the stress out that pet owners may feel about traveling with them. their furry friends. “

Preparing for a trip with a pet
Dr Phillips notes that preparation is essential when traveling with a pet and that it is important for pet owners to bring their pet’s food, water and toys when traveling, as familiarity helps relieve any anxiety. In fact, two in five people (41%) who plan to travel with their pets in the next year agree that their pet cannot travel without their favorite toy.

Dr Phillips also suggests talking to a veterinarian before traveling if the animal is prone to anxiety or nausea during the trip so that he can provide other specific advice to the four-legged friend.

Getting There
More than a third of those who plan to travel with their pets in the next year (39%) say the next trip they plan to take is a road trip. Dr Phillips and Patriot PAWS advise traveling with an assortment of entertainment such as catnip toys for cats or chew and pull toys for dogs, will help keep the pet’s mind busy and not to get bored or feel isolated during the trip. In fact, the majority of people who plan to travel with their pets in the next year (52%) admit to having spoken to their pet while driving, and more than a third of those surveyed (31 %) say they even have a special music playlist for their pets.

During road trips, it’s crucial that pets take regular bathroom breaks and stretch their legs, just like humans. Dr Phillips recommends stopping every two to four hours, depending on the age and size of the animal.

Arrive at your destination
While three-quarters (75%) of people who plan to travel with their pets in the next year love to travel with their pets, 44% say the biggest hurdle is finding pet-friendly accommodation. of company. Almost two in three people (65%) who plan to travel with their pets in the next year think pet-friendly hotels shouldn’t charge extra for a pet.

Dr Phillips recommends identifying hotels where pets stay free, like Motel 6, which never charges extra for four-legged guests. You can find more information about Motel 6’s pet policy here.

“We believe that pets and service animals are part of the family, which is why they stay free at any of our locations in the United States,” said Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6. “Pet parents are ready to hit the road with their four-legged friends, and we welcome them wherever their journey takes them. As always, we’ll leave the light on. For animals and their owners. “

In partnership with Patriot PAWS, Motel 6 is sponsoring service dog training to give to disabled veterans as part of its ongoing commitment to give back to the veteran community. Learn more about Patriot PAWS here.

Motel 6 remains committed to following CDC guidelines and maintaining safe and clean hotels for its valued guests. Learn more about the brand’s Clean @ 6 program here.

About the survey
The survey was commissioned by Motel 6 via SurveyMonkey, which conducted an online survey of n = 1,000 people in the United States who own a pet cat or dog and plan to travel with their pets during of the next year, aged 18 to 99 (nationally representative sample). The survey was conducted on June 19 and has a margin of error of +/- 2.925% percent.

About Motel 6
Motel 6 is a budget accommodation brand with owned and franchised locations across United States and Canada. Motel 6 has used the slogan “We’ll Leave the Light On For You®” for over 30 years, earning it the highest brand recognition in the budget accommodation segment. The Motel 6 offers standard amenities including free Wi-Fi Internet access, free local calls, no long-distance access charges, and an extensive range of cable channels. Most locations offer laundry facilities. For more information, visit

About Patriot PAWS
The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide the highest quality assistance dogs free of charge to disabled U.S. Veterans and other mobile disabled people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to help them regain their physical and emotional independence. Founded by a professional dog trainer, Lori Stevens, Patriot PAWS has placed over 230 service dogs since 2006 when it was designated as an official 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Patriot PAWS trains their dogs with the help of volunteer Puppy Raisers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and student Puppy Raisers at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. They also have an innovative 13-year partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where inmate trainers live and work with dogs in prison. To learn more about Patriot PAWS, please visit their website at

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