Short film ‘The Phoenix’ shot at Arnold this week | Calaveras County’s Most Trusted Source of Information

A young filmmaker is reborn from the ashes of her own rocky childhood through the whimsical imagery and resilient message of her latest short, “The Phoenix,” which is set this week in an Arnold home.

“The Phoenix” is about a young girl, Charlie, who uses her newly acquired superpowers in an attempt to mend her parents’ broken marriage. Director and screenwriter Regina Pigsley told The Enterprise she was inspired by a revelation she had shortly after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019.

“(This story) is closely linked to my upbringing. I wanted superheroes so much that I could control the situation, ”Pigsley said. “I cannot save my parents, and they have to save themselves. This film is also a way for me to let go and work on this guilt. “

Pigsley has worked on previous films, landing his first professional job while studying film and media in college. “The Phoenix” will hopefully be his starting point in the industry. She’s met most of her directorial team at past projects in the Bay Area, and they’ve so far raised $ 14,000 through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site for film projects, in addition other contributions.

Producers combed through thousands of locations online and visited dozens of them to find the home that best suited the small-town suburban setting of “The Phoenix” in ’90s. They’ve found the perfect spot in an Airbnb in Arnold, a beautiful alpine destination where the cast and crew are more than happy to spend a week, Pigsley said.

“The Arnold house had the most character,” she said. “In particular, there were certain fixtures that we needed and matched the color scheme. The owner was very supportive and a pleasure to work with.

Before filming began on July 11, the crew spent several days transforming the house into a precise setting. When filming ends at the end of the week, they’ll put each piece back to its previous state.

Arnold’s set will be the primary location for the film, which Pigsley plans to submit to the film festival circuit when completed. “The Phoenix” stars four main actors, half of whom were from the Bay Area.

The film will also feature a comic book segment and computer-generated imagery, mixing childlike innocence with adult themes in an ambitious fantasy world.

“I really couldn’t do it without my crew. I really appreciate them, ”Pigsley said. “The idea was born with me, directing and writing, but each person on the team adds to it.”

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