Short Lets scam? Airbnb owners increase rents up to 30 …

New survey suggests Airbnb owners charge over 300% more to stay in their properties during major events and holidays.

The study looked at the average price per night for rentals on Airbnb on the dates and locations where the UK’s biggest events are expected to take place throughout 2021.

The prices were then compared to the corresponding dates from the previous week to reveal which events are raising Airbnb prices the most.

The event where Airbnb owners implemented the largest 305% price increase was the Cowes Regatta of the Week on the Isle of Wight. In second place is the Open Championship golf tournament which takes place this year in Sandwich, Kent. Here, the average Airbnb host charges £ 250 per night the week before the tournament, but that more than doubles to £ 611 during the event.

The research also looked at a number of vacations nationwide with the largest Airbnb price increase.

Across the nation’s 10 largest cities, Airbnb owners hike prices on average 6% over Halloween weekend, but the city that saw the biggest price increase by far was Glasgow, where hosts increase prices by 58% on average.

The three-day holiday weekend in August encourages many to take city breaks, allowing Airbnb owners to increase an average of 6% over the weekend.

Liverpool saw prices rise the most, with nightly charges jumping 22% from the previous weekend.

Christmas weekend also provides Airbnb owners with additional Christmas income, with rental prices rising an average of eight percent for the weekend, notably in Edinburgh, rising 18 percent, followed by Sheffield by 14 percent.

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