Short-term rentals are destroying neighborhoods like East Hill

I live in an East Hill neighborhood of mostly middle income homeowners. Over the past decade, I have witnessed an increase in the number of young married couples moving to East Hill neighborhoods, with many families starting out. Homes – especially rental homes – have been affordable to them, but all of that is changing and at an alarming rate due to the socio-economic factors that have contributed to short-term rentals (STRs), including Airbnbs and VRBOs. .

My neighborhood is a safe, walkable, family friendly neighborhood where throughout the day there are neighbors walking, jogging, walking dogs and biking. You often see neighbors standing in the street talking to each other. You see children playing in the yards. There are mothers who push strollers. I enjoyed watching my neighbor’s kids grow from toddlers to adults. Neighbors spend time dining together and entertaining, or sitting together on porches socializing, talking to each other across the street or the fence, or just saying hello as they come and go from work. Sometimes there may even be a block party. This description gives you an idea of ​​the character of my neighborhood.

Bill Young

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But, the STRs threaten to destroy it and that of the others. STRs are essentially revolving doors for strangers in and out of homes, making neighborhoods transient in nature. This causes neighborhoods to lose their comfort and warmth. Houses in neighborhoods with STRs seem almost closed off and neighbors socially cold and distant from each other.

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