Signal Festival will take place from October 14 to 17

Signal Festival 2021 will take place from Thursday October 14 to Sunday October 17 in the streets of Prague 1, 7 and 8.

You can expect a total of 15 works – video mappings, screenings and breathtaking installations – from important Czech artists such as Milena Dopitová, Jiří Černický, the duo Vrtiška & Žák, internationally renowned foreign creators of Onionlab or Weltraumgrafik, or young talents from the Czech audiovisual scene.

The main theme of this year is Plan C, which deals with ecology, human coexistence with the planet, but also how to make a festival in one of the biggest social crises of recent decades.

“The insidious COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. We had to react, look for new solutions. Look around the corner and try new techniques. But we learned a lot along the way and remembered the unchanging core values, ”says the official website.

“To be resilient, we need to take care of ourselves, our friendships, our families, society, culture and the landscape. A healthier environment and mental well-being will contribute to our physical health. We need a new plan. Considerate, friendly, sustainable for our planet, society and the environment. A plan that can react to adverse circumstances and can adapt. This is why we are proposing plan C.

Signal festival is one of the largest cultural events in the Czech Republic, whose unique integration of art, urban space and modern technology has attracted more than 2 million attendees to Prague over its five years of ‘existence.

The festival brings together visually appealing works and complex installations of international quality. Its concept allows it to appeal to both professionals and the general public.

The festival was the brainchild of producer Martin Pošta, curator Jan Rolník and artist Amar Mulabegovic from the artist group The Macula.

After the success of the video mapping produced in 2010 by The Macula group and Martin Pošta on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Prague Astronomical Clock, an idea for a large-scale performance in the field of the art of light in the Republic Czech by means of a festival was held.

The preparation for the first year took a total of three years. The organizers have managed to bring together the most famous names from all over the world and with the kind support of the city of Prague and the municipal districts of Prague 1 and Prague 2, as well as other partners, they have started the tradition of the festival. lights.

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