‘Simpsons’ Unveils New Breast Cancer Survivor Character

In a very special episode of The simpsons On Sunday we met a character named Dr Wendy Sage. She is a hypnotherapist and also a breast cancer survivor, who had a unilateral mastectomy and also shows a visible scar from a port-o-cath, a device used to deliver chemotherapy.

The character was created and is voiced by Renee Ridgeley, an actress, writer and breast cancer survivor, who is also the wife of The Simpsons show-runner Matt Selman. Talk to Yahoo Life, Ridgeley explained, “Sage is looking exactly the way she is now. By living openly as a one-breasted woman, she sends a message of acceptance and wholeness celebrated by individuals from marginalized groups.

Viewers on Twitter loved seeing this performance on the show, thanking and stressing that “this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month well done.”

And in addition to appearing during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sage’s debut took place during an episode about Body Positivity, where Lisa develops a complex after Marge says she has it. look “fat”. The topic also struck a chord with viewers, who felt the show handled a delicate discussion well.

The simpsons aired on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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