Sitcom Suites: Friends and Seinfeld-Themed Airbnbs Are Now Available to Rent in Cincinnati | Cincinnati

No one may have told you life was going to be like this, but these two unique Cincinnati apartments you can rent on Airbnb can make up for it.

Fans of 90s sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld will love these themed rentals. Sitcom suites are not only full of memorabilia, but rather look like replicas of actual sets, making you feel like a star of the show.

Brenda and Otto Baum are behind the sitcom-themed apartments. Brenda said CityBeat over email that being stuck at home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic sparked the idea.

“About three years ago the COVID lockdowns had just started. The sport, which is my husband’s passion, had been officially canceled and we were left with a whole lot of time. We started reviewing a lot of old televisions. Otto owns a real estate development company and thought, “How cool would it be to recreate an actual setting?” Brenda said. the idea of ​​Sitcom Suites was born.

The apartments are located in the Baums area, Pleasant Ridge. Brenda said being close to them would make listings easier, and Pleasant Ridge has a lot to offer customers.

“Pleasant Ridge has bars, restaurants, cafes, comic and record stores and is also central to everything the town has to offer,” Brenda said. CityBeat.

Both units are located in a four-family apartment. The Friends-theme, “The one with the F•r•i•e•n•d•s,” mimics the characters of Monica and Rachel’s apartment in New York, with the turquoise cabinets in the kitchen, the purple living room and the large bay window with a view of “NYC”. The Seinfeld-theme, “The apartment for nothing” also resembles Jerry’s apartment in New York with a bicycle hanging on the wall, a basketball hoop on the door, a New York State license plate reading “ASSMAN” and a cutout of neighbor Cosmo Kramer.

Brenda said bringing Otto’s idea to life was the fun part of creating sitcom sequels.

“The current layout of the apartments is far from similar to that of the shows, so fixed walls were built to block the windows, false doors were introduced and the light fixtures were chosen to reproduce the fixed lights of the cameras. While Otto and his team build the units, I researched the exact furniture and fittings that took me all over the country and had crazy stories. These units are really unlike anything else,” she said.

Both apartments are bedrooms with king-size beds, sofa beds in the living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. For parents staying with children, there is a leisure center with a playground, a swimming pool and a paddling pool in front of the building. Rental prices start at $175 a night for both.

The Baums are also working on two other Sitcom Suite units and expect them to be completed by the end of February with bookings beginning in March. You can follow their progress on Instagram @thesitcomsuites.

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