Ski resorts counting down to the new holiday season – the best times to hit the slopes

A lot of people haven’t had a summer vacation yet – but now is the time for winter sports enthusiasts to start thinking about their next ski vacation.

Travel agencies are convinced skiers will soon be hitting the slopes as some of Europe’s best resorts reopen. Many bookings were postponed from previous months when vacations were canceled due to the coronavirus.

But impatient vacationers are now starting to book their seats to avoid limited availability when the season kicks off later in the year.

Those who have not yet booked are gaining confidence following recent travel updates and tour operators expect bookings to increase in the coming weeks.

Enthusiasts will be watching the reports from the resorts to check where the best conditions are for this long-awaited return to the slopes. Here is a guide to Crystal Ski – which is part of the UIS group – to make the most of your time on the slopes.

Skiing at the start of the season

The first few weeks of the ski season are among the quietest, so intermediates can enjoy the empty slopes as soon as the resorts open, and beginners will have room on the slopes to learn.

Snow conditions can be less reliable in December, so choose a high altitude resort for the best coverage. Christmas is generally cheaper than New Years and Semester and it’s a great time to get in the holiday spirit.

The end of December is also when ski resorts really come alive – with everything from fireworks and laser shows to torchlight descents.

Skiing in the Swiss Alps

January value

January brings colder weather but also a lot of good snow. All links between ski areas must be open, which allows experienced skiers to really cover terrain.

It’s also the quietest month overall, so it’s a good time for beginners planning their first trip. – you will have plenty of space on the track to practice your new movements. Ski schools are also less crowded and smaller groups allow instructors to spend more time with each skier.

And don’t forget the January sales, which can also extend to ski vacations – fewer people travel then, so prices are generally lower.

Skiing in February

A lot of the resorts have a really fun atmosphere in February – mid-term is the rush hour for a family ski vacation so it’s busy but there is also plenty to do.

The best ski resorts for families offer excellent ski schools, family-friendly accommodations with pools and kids’ clubs, and plenty of other winter activities like ice skating and tubing. Many resorts also offer special activities and events during the mid-term, such as family ski races, sleigh rides with the local mascot, and torchlight descents.

Holidaymakers will soon be back on the slopes
Holidaymakers will soon be back on the slopes

To avoid February’s peak crowds, try heading to lesser-known beach resorts. Small towns and villages tend to be quieter than their reputable neighbors, but you’ll still have access to the same great skiing via lifts or buses.

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End of season skiing in March and April

Spring often means the snow is softer – especially in lower elevation resorts – but it can be fun to ski and easier for beginners.

If you love après-ski as much as skiing, March and April are a good time to party on the slopes and festivals on the slopes during the end-of-season parties.

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