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For others, it’s a symptom of a disorder. Michelle C. Brooten-Brooks, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, writing that excessive talking can also be a symptom of, among other things, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or anxiety.

“Anxiety can cause someone to talk excessively,” writes Brooten-Brooks at Very Good Health. “While many people with social anxiety may avoid social interactions, some may inadvertently talk excessively when in social situations out of nervousness and anxiety.”

So what do we do when we’re stuck in a situation where someone keeps talking? A Reddit user by the name of Spritti33 asked for tips on how to “politely end a conversation with someone who won’t stop talking” and I’ve received some very practical and funny responses from members of the online forum.

Many people have pointed out that it’s not rude to walk away from someone who talks constantly because they’re being rude by not respecting your time. Others shared how in some cultures there are ways to end a conversation while allowing both parties to save face.

Here are 19 of the best answers to Spritti33’s question, “How can someone politely end a conversation with someone who won’t stop talking?”


“In Flanders we have a word for it, ‘good’, and then you say something ‘I have work to do’, ‘It’s time to go home’, ‘It’s ‘time to get drinks.’ And people realize that the other person wants to leave without being mean.” — ISuckAtRacingGames


In Ireland we like to tap/slap our thigh/clap the person’s shoulder and say “Okay!” Look, I’ll let you go…’ like we’re being polite and letting the other person off the hook, but actually it’s like I’m getting the hell out of here haha!” —funky_mugs


“If they keep talking out of politeness, I’ve found that there really isn’t a polite way to end the conversation,” — Binder_Grinder


“It’s so true. People who do that don’t care if you’re in the conversation or not, they just talk because they want to. I’ve tried everything else) with, ‘I I’m sorry, I have to go. (starts to walk away at this point) It was nice talking to you.’ Don’t give excuses or reasons for leaving, just do it otherwise they will try to talk about your reasons.” — PSSaalamader


“As a teacher, I’ve learned to interrupt people who don’t pause when they’re talking: start nodding and verbally agreeing with them, ‘Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh …’ You can’t interrupt these people, but you can start to agree while they’re talking, then raise your voice and say, ‘Yeah, wow, sorry, but I have to go'”


“Remember that they are the ones being rude by constantly talking about things that are irrelevant to their audience,” — Orp4mmws99


“Source: I’m a therapist. What you’re doing is recapping their last story and, in the same breath, adding a goodbye.

That is, ‘Looks like you found a bunch of great deals at the mall, that’s awesome! Thanks for meeting me, you’ll have to tell me more the next time we meet. It was great to catch up!” — pikcles-for-fingers


“Just start coughing these days, it’ll clear a whole room in seconds,” — Sinister Pigeon


“People who are like that expect people to walk away from them while they’re talking because that’s the only way the conversation ends. It’s not rude to them, it’s ‘ is normal. So, it’s completely normal to say, ‘Okay, that’s been great, see you later’, then walk away smiling,’ —Underlord_Fox


“If you can practice, start training one of your eyeballs to slowly move away while the other eye stays locked on theirs. That should do the trick”, – The Spiky Man


“At 62, I’m leaving. My bullshit filter has disappeared”, — Negative_increase


“You have to realize that everyone they talk to walks away. They’re used to that. They think a conversation is talking to someone until they walk away. It’s not weird for them, — DelsmagicFishies


“I don’t know why some people are so afraid of this. It’s not rude. You don’t have to lie. “We can talk more another time. Goodbye, it’s good, —Kooky-Housing3049


“On a more serious note, I have a habit of making an ‘oh shit’ type face like I just remembered I had something important planned. I say ‘Sorry, what time is Check the time Ah shit, I hate to cut but if I don’t leave now, I’ll be late for ____.’ Then I rush off like I’m really in a hurry. If you’re in a situation where you can’t leave right away, I trade “I have to get out” for “I told someone I’m going to leave.” would call at [time] and they wait for my call’ and then make a fake call”, – tooth Fairy


“‘Wow, you have a lot of opinions on this…’ and then never stop bringing up the conversation about how weird it is that they’re still talking.” —Ordsmed


“I had a friend who gently put his hand on your shoulder and gently said, ‘I love you, but I don’t care, fine (night/day)'” — Think-Passage-5522


“Although she wasn’t exactly polite, my Aunt Sophie had a great way to end a conversation. When the monologue got too long, she would nod her head as if listening, then at the slightest pause she would say “The End.” And walk away.

She mostly did this with kids who didn’t realize they were talking too long about the Thundercats. (That was me, I’ve chatted too long about the Thundercats.)” —theslackjaw727


​”Swap your position, instead of facing them in a 90 degree turn, your body language will end the conversation quickly without being rude,” — Zedd2087


“Where possible, I’ve always found it best to tell these people ahead of time that you need to be somewhere in 15, 30, 45, etc. minutes. If that’s not realistic, I have discovered that if you can usually find a gap to say you have to run if you just focus on that for 3-5 minutes”, — Pretend_Airline2811

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