Slog PM: 80% of 911 calls have nothing to do with crime, Edmond outlaws sleep rough, buyouts to blame for formula shortage – Slog PM

Beautiful Vancouver can’t tell the difference between a savannah cat and a cougar. How is it possible? Charles Mudede

A 20% down payment on the standard Seattle home, which costs $800,000, go run $160,000. Even with this down payment, you can expect to pay around $3,400 on a 30-year mortgage. Now I have to remind people that I bought a house in the Central District for $70,000 in the not-so-distant year of 1998. (A 20-year adjustment to standard inflation puts its value at around 120 $000.) My down payment was $5,000. My mortgage, $600. I was making less than $40,000 a year as a freelancer and adjunct speaker. It was the time of a youth in the arts. (Zillow currently puts the value of this old house of mine at an unrealistic $800,000.)


Edmonds Town Council imposed on its territory a law “which prohibits the homeless from sleeping in the street”. A homeless person caught doing this stuff can “be charged with a misdemeanor, subject to a fine of up to $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail.” Misery loves misery as company. But there is a human side to this story: you will not be punished if there is no “shelter within 35 miles”. But the inhuman side of the story is a lot like a muscular man kicking sand on a beach in the face of a skinny boy: Edmonds has no such shelters or social services. They are found in the surrounding towns. And so it all comes down to Edmonds exporting its homelessness crisis to other places. Nothing more and nothing less.

Pedestrian hit by a train.

Why did we say defund the police? Well, maybe because many of us knew that policing has little to do with fighting crime and much more with social control. And guess what? We were right. A study funded by the Seattle Police Department found that “from 2017 to 2019, 79.7% of [911 calls] concerned non-criminal events. Only 6% were associated with crimes of any kind. “Please read this story. It’s on the right website, My Northwest:

“70% of service calls either did not require a law enforcement response or were appropriate for a dual response from law enforcement and a community/non-law enforcement service provider “, said the [National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform] report read.

Expect nothing to be done about this discovery. Instead, expect bonuses and pay raises for cops and cuts to community services.

Also, expect nothing to be done about the root cause of this incident.: “A 9-year-old boy shot dead by an 8-year-old brother.” It happened in a Federal Way Apartment. KIRO 7 reports that “the boy was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.” I wonder how much the guns and bullets cost?

Are you happy now? This spring that you long for seems to finally arrive. You can wear as little as possible and show all available eyes that the body that has spent hours jogging, gym and push-ups has been toned to a state of selfie perfection. But while you go out, some of us will come in and, like a vampire, wait for the sun to go down, wait for the moment when the cold wind blows again, the moment when the grass freezes our feet again, the when the witches return to the forests.

A little consolation for those who enjoyed this long winter:

Abbottthe company at the heart of the formula shortage in the United States (it was closed due to bacterial contamination), sent its income not to improve its production system and the safety of its installation but rather directly in the pockets of shareholders in the form of share buybacks. CNBC:

The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday opened an investigation into Abbott Labs, the company at the center of an infant formula shortage in the United States. Committee chairman Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., sent a letter to CEO Robert Ford requesting information about international tax practices and $8 billion in stock buybacks the company has authorized since 2019 …

This bad deal of a company buying its own stock to increase its value (allowed market manipulation) is what knocked Boeing’s 737 Max out of the sky. It’s now behind this shitty formula that the GOP is pushing as a stake between white American babies and brown immigrants. But, as the vote on the formula shortage resolution watch (“Nearly 200 Republicans vote against bill to ease formula shortage”), the GOP has only one nasty wolf nipple to suck on, and that’s racism.

Global warming is good for ticks, but a lot of ticks are very, very, very bad for moose. The number of these parasitic arachnids in Maine is so great that they have sucked the life out of 90% of the state’s moose just in 2021.

Vancouver, BC, it’s not a cougar. It’s a savannah cat.

‘Cause it’s something to think aboutNew York Now has more Airbnb listings than apartments for rent.” Let’s end PM with Curtis Mayfield’s soulful classic, “Think.”


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