Small house for sale at $ 125,000 in the off-grid community of Ontario

Finding a small home for sale in Ontario can be difficult.

Although the Government of Ontario offers information on building lowercase, finding a town and a building plot remains difficult.

Recent changes in Toronto to allow lane houses and garden suites are promising, but real estate prices make this prospect out of reach for most people in the city.

There are a few small communities of homes on offer in the province – in Kingston, Blue water village near Goderich, and the Arcadia Off-Grid Community in South River, a village north of Toronto.

The cottage for sale in South River, Ontario is two stories.

Arcadia is now ready to accept residents and now has a 356 square foot home for sale for $ 125,000, according to a list by James R. Tasca, broker of record at ICI Source Real Assets Services.

The two story house has a woody feel with a pine tongue and groove throughout. It includes a fully equipped kitchen with a solar refrigerator and a propane stove.

small house ontario

There is a full kitchen with a solar refrigerator.

There is a log burner downstairs for heating.

The full bathroom has a deep soaking tub under a window, a sink and a vanity area.

small house ontario

The bathroom has a deep soaking tub.

Upstairs, you will find a single storey terrace with a view of the surrounding forest. The house has one bedroom upstairs but there is a walk-in closet.

small house ontario

There is a bedroom upstairs.

This house is off-grid, which means it is designed to be self-contained. There are solar panels, on-demand propane for hot water, water tanks and a water collection system.

small house ontario

There is an upstairs terrace, which overlooks the forest.

The problem with this house is that you don’t own the land: there is a land rental fee of $ 300 per month with the full year due in advance. The fees cover maintenance, garbage collection and water delivery. Potential buyers must be approved by the community and you must make an appointment to view this home.

small house ontario

The house is off the grid, so the water is kept in tanks.

It is a year round gated community and no Airbnb rentals are allowed.

This place feels very private and secluded. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those looking for home ownership and can’t afford the Toronto prices, this might be an option.

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