Social media teen abduction scam video prompts police to warn not to be tricked

Devon Police have issued a stern warning over a fraudulent kidnapping video circulating on Facebook.

The video, which tries to make people believe that a 14-year-old girl was forced into the back of a car by two men in Dawlish, was first seen circulating on groups Facebook locals in the South Devon area last night (June 24).

However, Devon and Cornwall Police have now confirmed that the kidnapping did not take place and instead warned that the video attachment is an “attempt to obtain your personal information in the worst possible way”.

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This is due to asking the player to provide personal information such as login information in order to view the fake video.

A post on the Teignmouth and Dawlish Police Facebook page said: “I saw the pictured post on a local FB site tonight 6/24/2021.

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Please note that this did NOT happen and leads you to a video of her being ‘kidnapped’, but to view this ‘video’ you need to put in your FB details.

“Unfortunately, this is an attempt to get your personal information in the worst possible way.

“Please note if you know the original poster they were hacked #AreayouActuallyKiddingMe?”

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