Someone bought Byers’ ‘Stranger Things’ house to make it an Airbnb

A photo of the Byers house from Stranger Things is shown with a hot pink overlay, making it spooky.

Despite all the bad things going on in Hawkins, Indiana, the fictional town made famous by the Netflix hit series stranger thingsyou should know that his real estate is always in high demand.

In recent days, a buyer has bid nearly $600,000 on the home of one of Hawkins’ most infamous families: the Byers. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home — located in Fayetteville, Georgia, and not goddamn Hawkins, thankfully — is made up of six acres of land and was used as the setting in the show. It went on the market in mid-September for $300,000, according to a SEO of eXp Realty in Georgia.

JThe buyer’s agent told Gizmodo the plan was to start working on it immediately and make it a replica of the Byers’ house from the show’s early seasons. The house will then be put on Airbnb. Additionally, as the property sits on six acres of land, the idea is to add other locations or homes from the series, such as the Eddie Munson trailer for season four. If everything ends in time, the buyer can launch a stranger things visit to the haunted forest and house for Halloween week.

While the price may not seem high for one of Netflix’s most iconic homes, know that the Byers’ home for sale needs some serious work. As explained in the listing, it needs a “complete rehabilitation”.

Michael Smith, an agent for eXp Realty, told the New York Post that he estimates the house will need $50,000 to $100,000 in repairs to get it back into Airbnb shape. The house was built in 1900, making it over a century old.

The stranger things The house is owned by seven siblings who grew up there, according to the Post. Smith explained that the family members don’t have the ability to fix the house or take advantage of its newfound fame and turn it into an attraction, so they’re selling it.

Nonetheless, the house is no stranger to attention and has already received many unsolicited visits from fans of the show.

“Since the show aired, fans have traveled everywhere, almost daily, just to drop by and take a picture,” Smith said. wrote in the property list. “So much so that the owners had to put up a barricade in the driveway and ‘Private Property’ signs just to keep people out, so it goes without saying that the house is the subject of a ton of bullshit. Warning.”

Katie Siplon, a agent with Real Estate TriCounty in Savannah, confirmed to Gizmodo that his client had made an offer on the home almost double the asking price that had been accepted. His client is a Portland investor whose kids, nieces and nephews love the show. Siplon’s company will manage the property after closing. Smith confirmed that the house had been sold to the Siplon client in a phone call with Gizmodo and said he expected the deal to close soon.

Being a famous house, Siplon said the bidding process was an uphill battle: “The process was extremely competitive, the market is crazy right now, adding the fact That it’s a ‘famous’ house made it even more of a battle to win, but we did it! We’re very excited.

“We have great collaborators who bring so much creativity to the table, it’s going to be really fun and a really good Airbnb to experience if you’re a fan of the show,” Siplon said.

All in all, at least fans won’t have to sneak in to take a peek at the Byers’ house anymore. However, if we can offer any advice, it’s this: make sure you get Netflix’s approval. While the streaming giant’s feud and lawsuit with the Grammy-winning creators of Bridgerton’s Unofficial Musical demonstrates, Netflix does not hesitate to fight back when it feels it has been wronged. (In the Bridgerton case, Netflix colonized with the creators.) Gizmodo reached out to Netflix to comment on the plans for the stranger things home but has not received a response at the time of publication.

Want to see what the Byers’ house looks like now without all that post-production glam? Click and you will receive.

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