Spain and Portugal in red: what’s changing for holidaymakers

Airlines (Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, etc.) are not going to cancel flights planned in regions that have turned red.

VStis one of the first big color changes on the health maps of vacation destinations. Probably not the last of the summer. Nor of the year. What will this change for Belgian tourists? It depends on personal situations, of course, but, overall, we can say that with the increasingly important vaccination of Belgian nationals, the European digital covid certificate and the fact that, since July 1, Foreign Affairs has not have no longer classified the stay in a “red” European country as strictly inadvisable, we can resume that the changes remain moderate.

Still, the clarity in the field is still quite subtle. The Foreign Affairs site warns precisely, under the European reference map which has just changed the color of a majority of Spain, that “this map is published for information only, the official national updates for Belgium are taking place. on Sunday. This card does not constitute a valid legal reason for non-compliance with Belgian rules. “

On return

People in possession of the certificate but not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated, who certify that they have undergone a negative PCR test 72 hours before their return to Belgium, are also exempt from additional measures. The others, those who do not benefit from a full vaccination or proof of recovery of the covid, will have to perform a PCR test on their return if, on Sunday, Belgium already considers the Spanish regions as red.

They will respect a quarantine until obtaining the negative results of this test. If the return takes place from Monday, for sure, the Spanish regions, with a few exceptions, will be considered red and imposed on those who will not benefit from a certificate / full vaccination / proof of recovery, i.e. a PCR test negative carried out on site less than 72 hours before return, i.e. a PCR test in Belgium on day 1 or 2 of return. Quarantine will then be observed until the negative result of the test is obtained. If it is positive, we then enter the “traditional” measures for any person detected positive.

To go

Airlines (Brussels Airlines, Ryanair, etc.) are not going to cancel flights planned in regions that have turned red. The tour operators either. If you no longer want to travel to these regions, it must therefore act on your personal decision. The main airlines accept changes in dates or destinations (depending on the company) up to 2 hours (Brussels Airlines) or 2:30 (Ryanair) before departure.

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