Spend the night at Dorinda Medley’s infamous Blue Stone Manor in the Berkshires

Exterior photo (L) by Alexandra Arnold; Photo of the living room (R) by Mick Hales. Courtesy of Airbnb.

The fish room, the spooky Halloween decorations, “I did it cool!” – IYKYK. Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York” captured many iconic moments at Blue Stone Manor, the home of former actress Dorinda Medley in the Berkshires. And now you too can live like a reality TV star, as Dorinda has teamed up with Airbnb to gift the 1902 hilltop estate in western Massachusetts for two overnight stays. $ 100 on August 23 and 25.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Dorinda, whose six-season tenure on the show ended last year, has spoken of her love for Blue Stone Manor often on “Housewives.” According to the Post, her late husband Richard Medley, a Capitol Hill aide and adviser to financier George Soros, bought the house as a wedding gift for just over $ 2 million when they got married in 2005. Mr. Medley passed away in 2011, so Dorinda has also spoken openly about the sentimentality of the house.

Library photos by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

In the Airbnb listing, Dorinda herself wrote a little blurb:

The Tudor style residence dates back to the Golden Age, and growing up nearby (no, not in the Golden Age) I admired the house for its grandeur and intricate details. Covering nearly 11,000 square feet, each room in the century-old estate is also to be admired. The hand-painted green ceiling in the dining room, the vibrant purple sofas in the pool room, the gold-threaded curtains in the lobby – I challenge you to pick a favorite. And believe me, it’s harder than you might think.

Photo of the lounge by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

Dining room photo by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

Kitchen photo by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

In 2020, Dorinda remade Blue Stone Manor after a flood caused damage worth a million dollars. The new interiors are more colorful and opulent, and include “jewel-clad peacocks, seashell statues, and a gorgeous velvet swell,” according to the listing. Other high-design features, which were showcased in a home tour for Architectural Digest, included 19th-century upholstered dining chairs, a Missoni runner on the stairs, a Cotswolds-style kitchen, and a sloping ceiling. caissons in the billiard room inspired by Hearst Castle. Plus, the house is set on 18 acres, so there is plenty of lovely outdoor space to enjoy.

Lobby photo by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

Dorinda is away this month to promote her new book Make it enjoyable and, therefore, decided to team up with Airbnb. Two groups of up to four people each will spend the night at the Great Barrington, MA home on August 23 or 25. Reservations open at 12:00 p.m. EDT on August 18 and each stay costs $ 100.

Gothic bedroom photo by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

Photo of the Fish Room updated by Mick Hales, courtesy of Airbnb

For those not fortunate enough to visit in person, Dorinda is hosting an hour-long online experience for up to 10 guests on Friday August 27th. “Make It Nice and Boozy” will be “a more intimate cocktail than Mixology 101” and will include a “lively happy hour and in-depth discussion on the art of hosting live from Blue Stone Manor”.

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