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When it comes to decorating your home with top-notch Disney merchandise, fans go out of their way to bring their favorite mementos to their homes. However, it’s a whole different ball game when you turn your house into a popular Disney attraction, especially the Haunted Mansion. An Airbnb owner converted his rental home into a Haunted Mansion like no other fan, and it’s a short drive to Disneyland.

Credit: Jeffery Airbnb

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Jeffery, a big fan of Disney parks, converted his four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Orange County, Calif., Into a perfect recreation of the haunted Disneyland mansion. In the past, we’ve seen Disney fans materialize the 999 happy lairs in one or two of their bedrooms, but what Jeff has done is level up.

The official page for this Haunted Mansion-inspired Airbnb says:

Leave the world of the living behind and cross (at least for a few nights) in this inspired and terribly immersive Haunted Mansion retreat. You and your… loved ones will encounter a plethora of HM lines, ghostly illusions, sights and sounds that will make you feel like you are truly spending the night in the haunted Disney Mansion.

Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

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Rather than taking inspiration from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort in Southern California, Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort or Tokyo Disneyland, this talented Airbnb host has somehow transplanted every detail of famous Disney attractions into his home. .

Enter a doom buggy as a deadly idiot and become a hitchhiking ghost as you wander the endless hallway and learn the story of the ghostly residents of the haunted mansion in this Airbnb.

Everything from the famous wallpaper draping the hallways to the awesome breathable door craftsmanship featured on some of the bedroom doors really makes this ‘spooky mansion’ a Disney Park fan’s dream.

Check out these awesome photos of this Haunted Mansion Airbnb below:

Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb
Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb
Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

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Jeffery continues:

While staying in our humble abode, you can hear strange and frightening sounds echoing in the hallways as you sleep. But don’t worry, it’s just a sign that ghosts are present, practicing their terror with macabre delight!
This interactive haunted mansion contains elements of illusion, sights and light sounds that occur throughout your stay. These fun elements, which are part of the experience, can be deactivated remotely at any time at the owner’s request.

Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

This ghostly haunted mansion-inspired retreat offers over 50 accommodations, including free WiFi, washer and dryer, free parking, full kitchen, air conditioning, outdoor fireplace, front lawn pet cemetery and an impressive backyard used for film screening (the Haunted house movie?) and tell spooky stories after a long day at Disneyland.

Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

This ghostly retreat includes four spooky rooms:

  • Gracey Master Room – One Cal King Bed
  • Madame Leota Room – One Queen Bed
  • Hatbox Ghost Room – One Queen Bed
  • The Corbeau Room – Two twin beds
Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

Jeff continues, “Enter the playroom bedroom with no windows or doors.” Sitting in the middle of the Stretch Room-inspired playroom, you and your guests can enjoy the amenities of the TV while the stretched portraits spy on your Uno cards!

On top of that, you and your ghostly guests can enjoy the private hot tub located in the courtyard while you watch your favorite Disney movie outside.

The ghostly retreat can accommodate up to eight people in the Master Gracey Suite, Leota’s Chamber, Hatbox Ghost Quarters, Raven’s Realm located in the portrait corridor. Included in this last named room is a real raven animatronic that looks identical to the three ravens you see in the Haunted Mansion attraction.

Credit: Jeffery via Airbnb

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No need for FastPass to book this impressive Airbnb. Right now, the nightly rates are $ 572 / night, but splitting that nightly charge among five or six people means you can rest in peace in this happy haunted house for less than $ 100.

While that might sound like a lot, this Airbnb has more interactive themes and special effects in your seating areas than any Disney hotel or resort. Since you are the most important guest who retires to this ghostly retreat, you become the star of your own spooky spectacle.

You can check out the rest of these terrifyingly fun photos and book your own stay here on Airbnb’s official webpage for the Haunted Mansion-inspired home.

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