Spotlight on black affairs: Roseline’s candles

Courtesy of Roseline Candles Local candle entrepreneur Roseline Friedrich

Local candle trade lights up the community

Local candle entrepreneur Roseline Friedrich is the owner of Roseline’s Candles. The candle business is currently online and is slated to open as a brick and mortar business in August 2021 at the corner of Lowry and Central in northeast Minneapolis.

Friedrich is from West Africa. She arrived in Minnesota almost 20 years ago. “I went to Roosevelt High (2007) in South Minneapolis, then I went to the University of Minnesota (2012),” Friedrich said. She also attended graduate school in Texas for a short time, before returning to Minnesota.

The company was established two years ago in December 2019. During this time, “I started making candles,” Friedrich said. She explained that she had traveled to New York and stayed at an Airbnb that offers guests a local experience. “So the Airbnb experience I had was making candles,” she said.

When Friedrich returned from the trip, she started working on her candle business. “I started studying it on my own and collecting jars because I knew recycling was important to me.” She chose to organize a holiday party at her residence, which was a big hit among the guests.

Friedrich recalls: “I had so many jars that I invited people over to my house, we made candles together. Participants enjoyed learning more about the process and creating exquisite candles. It’s “very therapeutic; it’s fun, easy and so amazing, ”Friedrich said.

In January 2020, Friedrich put more energy into his business. She underlined, “I like to do things and I always like to be able to do something. Doing something outside of work, that’s what I was aiming for, and then it got bigger.

His hobby turned into a successful business. In August 2020, Friedrich officially registered the company and it saw rapid success. “I was just making candles on the side for people as a hobby – after that the pandemic hit and I was very bored so I started making candles at home,” Friedrich said. His hard work has paid off and continues to deliver excellent results.

Courtesy of Roseline Candles

Although business is booming, Friedrich stressed the importance of hard work and what is required to be successful. It takes “a lot of passion, a lot of marketing, a lot of partnerships, reaching out to other people in the community and seeking advice.” She added, “Just taking a leap year of faith, not being afraid to try new things,” helped her start the business.

Friedrich is committed to formulating products of the highest quality. All candles are 100% soy. “Our mission is to make the world greener by manufacturing environmentally friendly products. When my clients receive the candles, I want to make sure I’m ethical. The high quality candles have recyclable jars.

Important to note, there are a total of 21 candles available, all priced at $ 20. The 8-ounce scented candles are available online and at various locations in the Twin Cities. “I try to be in as many places as possible,“says Frédéric. The most popular candle is” Be Calm “, which remains in great demand.

Friedrich also uses his business to give back to important causes in his community. Friedrich explained how the candle business provided him with “the opportunity to be innovative”. She added, “I have autonomy over what I do and the opportunity to make a difference in my community. When George Floyd was assassinated a year ago, I was angry, sad and confused. So she decided to create candles that paid homage to Floyd’s memory. “I made 600 candles for the memorial, I went to George Floyd Square and left candles with his photo on them,” Friedrich said.

Most recently, “When Daunte Wright was murdered who was just down the street from my house and saw he had a young son with his namesake,” she organized a fundraiser to show her support .

Although business is booming, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption in business. Many events were canceled, but she had the advantage of being an online retailer. “E-commerce has really helped us,” Friedrich said. As a result, she was able to fill orders and continue business operations.

In addition, entrepreneurship is liberating and inspiring for the owner. “I never want to work for someone else again and it inspires me to get out of bed and keep working.” Persistence is also a key element in achieving success.

Friedrich encouraged future entrepreneurs and young people to take a leap of faith. “Don’t be afraid to throw, nothing fancy, just wait and see what happens.” She added, “I said yes to a lot of things,” which provided her with invaluable opportunities that took her business to the next level.

Roseline’s candles are currently available online at The grand opening of the brick and mortar location will take place in early August 2021. The address is 2430 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN. Stay tuned!

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