Spotlight on the gender pay gap in Spain, with men earning 21% more than women

Men earn on average 21% more than women in Spain, according to new figures.

The Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) conducted a survey in which it also found that the number of women employed with the lowest salaries was twice that of men.

Men earned an average of €2,276 per month in 2021, while women earned €1,883 per month, which is €393 less.

The pay gap has widened further when it comes to salaries in the highest paying jobs.

The data showed that one in three men received a high salary, compared to one in four women.

Lower wages were considered less than €1,376 – 40.5% of women surveyed received less than this amount compared to just 20.2% of men.

Hospitality was one of the lowest paid industries.

The lowest-paying jobs were in domestic work such as cleaners or caregivers, and 90% of those roles were filled by women, according to the data.

This was also true for the second lowest paying jobs in the hospitality industry and the administrative sector.

At the other end of the scale, the highest paid employees were considered electric and gas workers, where there were 30% more men than women.

There were also twice as many men as women working in information and communications, another high-paying industry.

Among the poorest workers, 10% of men earned a salary of €595, while the poorest 10% of women received only €562.

On the other side of the spectrum, the richest 10% of men earned €5,130 per month, compared to €5,029 per month for women.

Figures also showed that there were six times more women on part-time contracts than men in Spain – 22% compared to just 6%.


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