Springfield City Council sends hotel/motel tax issue to April ballot

With a ballot measure consolidating Springfield’s hotel/motel tax, the City Council hopes to “level the playing field” between hotels and Airbnb rentals while providing long-term support for the city’s tourism industry. .

Unanimously approved by city council at its first meeting of 2023, the issue will appear in the municipal ballot in April — along with at least two other measures.

The City of Springfield currently levies three layers of a license tax on hotels, motels and tourist courts. These include a 2% tax from 1979 based on gross receipts, a 2.5% tax from 1998 funding the Jordan Valley Park projects and related debt servicing, and a 0.5% tax from 2004 to fund efforts to attract sporting events and conventions and maintain a tourist information centre. In total there is a license fee of 5%.

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