Stay in a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home or a sleek wooden RV in the Midwest using Airbnb’s new categories

If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in a castle or a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, recent changes to Airbnb could make your search for a memorable stay much easier.

On May 11, Airbnb rolled out 56 searchable categories, including design, treehouses, caves, castles, and domes. If you are more interested in location, you can choose between vineyard, arctic, tropical or lake properties. For those feeling a little more adventurous, there’s even an “OMG!” category with an eclectic range of homes. Perhaps the best new feature: you can use the map to locate unique properties at a desired location. Here are some of the favorites across the Midwest.


Consider these two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. the Emile Bach House, located in Chicago, was designed by Wright in 1915 and is often called the “house of stacked cubes”. The house has modern furniture that has been incorporated into the design of the house. The “front door” is actually located at the back of the house, where guests will find a Japanese tea house. the Still Bend / Schwartz House is located approximately one mile from Lake Michigan in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The 3,000 square foot house was featured on Netflix The most incredible vacation rentals in the world, as well as Remain and Architectural summary. The interior exudes warmth, with its red cypress wood and red bricks, as well as its two fireplaces.


Four Missouri homes are featured in the OMG! category, where you can choose from a former silo or grain silo, for example. Just outside of Springfield, Missouri, stay in a 2,500 square foot underground house with ample space and a surprisingly abundant amount of natural light. There is also a wood yurt on 4 acres in the Ozarks.

Other categories

  • In the camping category, you can find an elegant wooden motorhome in Nashville, Indiana. The small motorhome is equipped with heating and a coffee station.
  • If you are a golfer, there is a goods in Branson which overlooks the green and is steps away from stunning views.
  • In northern Arkansas there are two A-frame houses, one with a mountain view and the other on an acre in the woods.
  • At Osage Beach you can find a house by the lake it’s probably big enough to accommodate all your loved ones.
  • And there is a red barn in Perryville with an expansive kitchen and hammocks for lounging and stargazing.

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