Stay Love List is Dallas’ colorful home designed for your social timeline [Video]

This Dallas Airbnb has a polished aesthetic for every room

Video transcript

Welcome to Stay Love List, the Instagrammable Airbnb. I am Bryan Yates. Let’s take a walk.

Hello, I’m Bryan Yates from Yates Design. Our company was hired by Dallas Love List to help create this Instagrammable Airbnb called Stay Loveless or sometimes known as Girl Pad. Dallas Love List, a local influencer, their brand is everything that promotes Dallas.

Most of the art in this space was done by the influencer who promotes everything here in Dallas, and we wanted to spread that brand here in the space. Here we have a full bathroom, and so what we’ve done here is a custom wallpaper that celebrates everything Dallas. It’s all been done in a vinyl, so it’s easy to clean, easy to use, and great to look at in the hallway. Here is the karaoke room. You can do a little jam session here, we wanted it to be playful and fun.

Our second bedroom, we have a bunk room. We made these bunk beds for adults. Each of them is a queen. We did a very bright color here, this very pretty orange that is really playful and cheerful.

Back here we have the master bedroom. We wanted to be really playful, so we have all the white walls. However, we did the trim, doors and ceiling all in this really pretty hot pink and then added a bunch of pink in the accessories and bedding.

In the bathroom, we really wanted to keep it simple and calm your eye a little while you get ready. The best part is putting a disco ball in the shower just to bring that whimsical vibe to that space.

Since this is an Instagrammable Airbnb, we wanted to greet you at the front door with the Stay Love List sign and then it draws your gaze upstairs as well.

Welcome to the main living area. It’s all about color, fun, and connecting with friends and family here. We have a full kitchen, a really durable quartz countertop, functional appliances.

So here we have the dining room. We added this bench that runs the full length. So not only is it great for meals, but it’s also great to sit and watch someone play pool or just hang out with friends. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable and find their own space, so at the end of the pool table we also have these extra large rattan chairs that create another Instagram moment.

On the other side of the house is the living room. Here we have a games table area and then a modular sofa which will also accommodate many people.

Moving on to the last space of the house is an outdoor patio. Here we have a very nice blurred line between inside and outside. Here on the patio we have a sofa, table and chairs, fireplace and TV, another great living space for entertaining and fun.

Thank you so much for visiting Stay Love List Dallas with me. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you come stay at our Instagrammable Airbnb.


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