Step into Mandira Bedi’s Gorgeous Vacation Home on Madh Island, it’s now on Airbnb | Bollywood

Actress and fitness enthusiast Mandira Bedi has set up her seaside home on Madh Island on Airbnb as a vacation home. Photos of the house have landed on the internet. The property is located in Alibaug.

One of the photos shows Mandira, posing in front of the courtyard of her house. Flooded in white, with a hint of blue tiling on the perimeter wall and a beige tiled driveway, the house looks rather welcoming.


The actor reportedly worked hard to remake the whole place before letting it out.

An article in Condenast Traveler, in 2019, stated that Mandira is remaking the place from scratch. It is a four bedroom house with a swimming pool.

Airbnb posted the same photo of the actor and quoted it as saying, “I’m amazed to hear about women working hard, challenging standards, and gaining financial independence to become successful, self-sustaining entrepreneurs. needs and those of their families. Their travels have deeply inspired me. “@Mandybedi, Actor & Airbnb Host.”

The front door of the lavish house leads into the living space, with lots of sun and fresh air. The entire front of the room is made of glass. The rooms are huge and airy. Much of the wood art has entered the interiors. The blue tiled swimming pool faces the sea, while still providing enough privacy.

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Mandira made headlines last year when she and her husband adopted a baby girl. Sharing the first photo with her after the adoption, Mandira had written in September of last year, “She came to us As a blessing from above, Our little girl, Tara. Four years and a little, With eyes that shine like stars, Sister to her Vir, Welcome home, Open arms and pure love, Grateful, grateful. blessed, Tara Bedi Kaushal. Part of our family July 28, 2020. “

Speaking of which, she told the Hindustan Times in an interview: “Rraj and I wanted a sister for Vir. My son is eight years old and we are considering adopting a daughter who could be between two and a half and four years old. We have already thought of a name for her. We’ll call her Tara.

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