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Aerial view of the Weber AirBnB farmhouse

La Ferme Weber AirBnB

The Jewel of Perry County Missouri

By Mary Koeberl Rechenberg

Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all and dreamed of somewhere special that would be free from the noise, traffic and hustle and bustle of everyday life? Weber Farm Airbnb, nestled in the beautiful hills of Perry County, Missouri, is the destination for you. Like an oasis in the dessert,

The Historic Weber Farm AirBnB

this historic farmhouse will soothe your soul and surround you with the peace and beauty of nature.

Acres of manicured farmland surround the property, revealing shades of green, brown, and gold, depending on the season. The relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by the occasional hum of a tractor, the cheerful clucking of chickens, the chirping of birds in the trees, and the meowing kittens in the barn. Regular visits from a variety of wildlife including squirrels, deer, turkeys and even eagles add to the charm and beauty of this little piece of paradise. Combine all of this with a cozy old farmhouse reminiscent of Grandma and Grandpa’s day and you have the recipe for the perfect place to unwind.

This incredible getaway didn’t happen overnight. It is the result of the tenacity and vision of a young man from Germany. In 1889, 17-year-old Herman C. Weber traveled alone to America, leaving behind his parents and 11 siblings. He spoke no English but still managed, with the help of a distant relative, to catch a train to St. Louis and Perry County, Missouri. After finding work as a farm laborer, he dutifully saved his money. Three years later

he had earned his citizenship and accumulated enough money to buy a small 65-acre farm. Realizing he needed more land, he worked harder and saved until he was able to purchase 27 more acres.

Beautiful Barn Quilt on the Weber Barn

The first house young Herman lived in was a modest log cabin. He married Emma

Poppitz, of Altenburg, Missouri in July 1895. As the young couple’s family grew and Herman’s farm prospered, he expanded the cabin. Eventually the house was extended to include four spacious bedrooms, a large kitchen/dining room, living room, bathroom, attic and basement. Emma died suddenly in 1916, and 2 years later Herman married his sister, Susanne. Herman had 15 children, all born in the solid farmhouse. The 40 foot porch

has become the perfect place to catch a breeze, relax in a swing and visit with family and friends.

The rich history of past generations is evident in the over 125 year old house and its outbuildings. Antique furniture, original hardwood floors, and handmade quilts pair beautifully with vintage updates from the 50s and 60s. Unique items are everywhere, such as handmade baskets, a Grafonola (an early 20th century phonograph) and even the round-topped wooden trunk that carried Herman’s personal effects to America aboard the “George Washington”. Farm machinery and tools used by three generations are labeled and displayed in

the barns.

Herman eventually moved to nearby Frohna, Missouri, selling the farm to his son, George Weber, who had been a lifelong farmer. Today, as a third generation farm, it is owned and maintained by two of George’s sons and their spouses, Earl & Diane Weber and Gene & Emily Weber, who purchased it from their three siblings. Earl and Gene are retired, but they share a desire to keep the farm in the family and find a way to share its calm and

rejuvenating qualities with others. “Earl thought about the idea of ​​having an Airbnb,” Gene said. “We all agreed that the farm would be a great place for people to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, beautiful scenery, beautiful sunsets and wonderful history of this place.”

You will find many activities at the Weber farm: explore the barn, take a 2.5 km hike. nature trail, play yard games, grill on the Weber grill, make a fire in the fire pit for hot dogs and s’mores, or just relax on the porch swing.

The Weber Farm is minutes from the nearby historic towns of Frohna and Altenburg, Missouri, which were part of the 1839 Saxon immigration. The Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum is located in Altenburg. The site includes the first Lutheran seminary west of the Mississippi. Frohna Saxon Memorial features authentic log homes, buildings, and furnishings from the early 1800s. These locations focus on the German heritage of both towns.

Minutes from the farm is the Mississippi River Wine Trail, which includes 2 unique wineries: Hemman’s Winery and Apple Creek Winery.

In Perryville, Missouri, a 25 minute drive away, you can visit the National Veteran’s Memorial, which is an exact life-size black granite replica identical to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC Also in Perryville is the American Tractor Museum, which takes visitors through the evolution of the machine that has plowed, planted and harvested the American dream for centuries.

The Weber Farm Airbnb has the highest rating of 5 stars and Airbnb has

designated them as Super Hosts. Tenants came from many parts of the country: New York, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, California, to name a few, even from as far away as Germany and Bulgaria. The Webers turned their farmhouse into an Airbnb in October 2019 and take great care in cleaning and disinfecting the entire house after each guest, making it a safe place to visit.

The Webers share their blessings by donating 10% of their annual income to missions, such as the African Vision of Hope ministry. This ministry provides schools, books, food, clothing and Christian education to children and families in extreme poverty in Zambia.

The Webers welcome you to their farm with its spacious country home, large yard and beautiful shade trees for a fun and relaxing getaway, and take in the sights and history of beautiful Perry County, Missouri.

Information about The Weber Farm is available on Facebook or To learn more about Perry County Missouri, visit: or call the Perry County Heritage Tourism Office (573) 517-2069.

Photos are property of Gene Weber.

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