Study reveals when is the best time to book three of Scotland’s best vacation spots for the best weather

Due to continued uncertainty over overseas travel this year, a new study has revealed the best places in the UK to book a stay and when to go for the best weather.

As part of their Sunny Staycations campaign, Uswitch’s broadband team analyzed the numbers to reveal the best staycation spots for the best weather during the summer months.

As we all know too well, weather in the UK is notoriously unpredictable and it can be difficult to know if you will have a rainy weekend in Wales or a heatwave in Scotland.

With that in mind, Uswitch researchers analyzed 50 years of historical data from the closest weather stations to each of 2021’s most popular UK holiday destinations, to reveal when you should book your vacation to ensure the best weather.

Unsurprisingly, Scottish favorites like the Isle of Skye, the Cairngorms and John O ‘Groats on the North Coast 500 all make the first list, based on Airbnb’s 2021 trending stays.

The Cairngorms – visit in June

The Cairngorms are home to some of Scotland’s most famous wildlife

Average weather conditions for Braemar in June:

Temperature : 16 ℃

Precipitation: 57mm

The Uswitch team said, “Have you ever considered a vacation to Braemar? We recommend visiting in June to get the best weather for your stay this year. Compared to any other month of the year, June had the least rain with just 57mm through the month – while the average temperature is 16 ℃. “

If you are looking for things to do while in Braemar, we recommend that you visit Braemar Castle.

It offers a guided tour where you can learn about all the villains and colorful ghosts that once inhabited the castle.

The Cairngorms are also home to some of Scotland’s most famous (and majestic) wildlife, including the golden eagle, deer and red squirrels.

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Isle of Skye – visit in June

View of the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye
View of the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye

Average weather conditions for the Isle of Skye in June:

Temperature : 14 ℃

Precipitation: 62mm

The Uswitch team said: “The Isle of Skye is a pretty island just off the coast of Scotland and is known for its beautiful scenery and small villages.

“While the weather in Scotland can be difficult to judge, looking at the data our research recommends visiting Skye in June to get the most sunshine.”

Are you a fan of wild swimming? The crystal clear waters of the Isle of Skye’s Fairy Pools are the perfect place for those who like a little excitement during their vacation.

If you’re looking for a bit of nature on your travels, take a boat trip to see if you can spot sea eagles, known as Britain’s largest birds of prey.

John O ‘Groats – visit in May / June

The colorful buildings of John O'Groats on a sunny afternoon
The colorful buildings of John O’Groats on a sunny afternoon

Average weather conditions for John O ‘Groats in May:

Temperature : 11 ℃

Precipitation: 47 mm

The Uswitch team said: “If you are staying in Wick this summer, we recommend that you visit in May. Compared to any other month of the year, the area has an average temperature of 11 and only 47 mm of rain. “

While Wick is beautiful on its own, there are many beautiful places to visit when you go on vacation.

With a dramatic cliff face and stunning sunsets behind the ruins, Castle Sinclair must be on your list when visiting the area. The castle dates from the late 1600s and is located not far from Wick.

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