Summer is not over – you can still rent that motorhome or boat

It looks like summer has just started, but it’s almost over. For many families, this is the signal to crack on a summer holidays. These last-minute vacationers are an opportunity for secondary scammers, who can take advantage of the latest summer recommendations.

These sites help you rent out your stuff or services to vacationers – or just get a great deal on your own last-minute getaway. They also help you capitalize on summer trends like moving and redecorating.

Here are our recommendations.

Things to rent

The old saying about luxury items was, “If you have it, flaunt it. In today’s world, there is a better option. If you have it, rent it.

Luxury items such as beach houses, RVs, and boats can be rented for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This covers the cost of buying and maintaining those expensive items, while providing a lot for renters. Recommended sites for listing your luxury items for rent – ​​or finding your summer vacation rental – include:

LacHop: LacHop is one of three sites where you can rent a boat or organize a nautical experience. It focuses specifically on inland waterways, like Lake Tahoe and Lake Michigan. But what makes this site a bit different from others is that most bookings come with a “rideshare driver”, i.e. the owner of the boat, who has a specific service to offer . These services include wakeboard lessons, fishing trips and cruises.

Boat owners benefit from being paid for what they do for fun, without worrying about whether a stranger might crash their boat. And guests benefit from a guide who knows the lake and its best fishing and/or waterskiing spots intimately. Since you also have a designated driver, guests don’t have to worry about a few beers.

Other boat rental sites worth checking out include Boatsetter and GetMyBoat. However, these sites separate boat rentals and skipper services. If you need both, it will likely cost renters a bit more.

Outside : Outside is a marketplace where RV owners can connect with people who want to rent them. RV owners set their own rental rates and terms, whether they need to collect a security deposit, charge cleaning fees, and whether they allow pets and smoking in their truck. There are many other good peer-to-peer networks for renting (or renting) a motorhome, including RVnGo. But Outdoorsy is our top recommendation for several reasons.

First, vehicles are inspected every 90 days. This gives renters confidence that they are getting a vehicle in good condition and offers support to owners if they believe a renter has damaged their vehicle. Outdoorsy also provides insurance through Liberty Mutual, which covers everything but an excess. The site gives suggestions on rental rates (useful for those new to the game) and receives overwhelmingly positive reviews.

VBO: Normally Airbnb could be the go-to site for renting a vacation home. But VRBO ran an aggressive advertising campaign that will likely generate a lot of interest at the end of the summer. The site also has two ways to pay its fees: a flat annual rate or a commission. The $499 flat rate makes sense for people with expensive homes that are rented more than a few months a year.

If your vacation rental costs $5,000 per week, for example, you’d be better off going with the flat-rate model after booking just three weeks of rental. They may also prove to be a better deal for renters, who typically don’t face as many extra charges. Other vacation rental sites that charge a flat fee include beach house, We need a vacation and Cape Cod vacation rentals.

Moving Jobs

Around 60% of all moves are made in the summer. And the final weeks of the season are expected to generate particularly strong demand as receiverships close in on buyers who rushed to close their deals before interest rates spiked. To qualify for moving jobs, you must be strong enough to lift 50 to 75 pounds.

You don’t need your own truck. But if you have one, you will earn more. Sites we recommend for finding moving jobs include GoShare, Truxx, Cart, LaborJack and Hire an assistant.

Decoration works

Buying a new home often prompts homeowners to redecorate and buy new furniture, which drives the demand for interior designers. There are tons of secondary platforms that can help you find home decorating jobs online. Among these, My Little Bag pays best, offering $35 an hour. However, Modest and Decorist may also be worth a detour.


The whole “you need a pet to survive the pandemic” trend has created millions of new pet owners. And what do you do with a pampered pup when you go on vacation? you call a Vagabond.

Rover is the undeniable leader in pet walking and sitting, using freelancers across the country to set their own rates and terms. The site has a lot to recommend, including many loyal customers, reasonable fees, and the ability to vary rates depending on the season. We also regularly hear from freelancers saying that they can count on this site to generate income ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month, depending on how much they are willing to work.

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