Super 5G wifi deployed by EE in beach vacation hotspots to stimulate restaurant owners

MILLION Britons will be able to work from the beach hassle-free this summer thanks to EE’s super WiFi deployment.

The mobile network has launched its 5G network in nine holiday hotspots in the UK, including Brighton, Blackpool and Weston-Super-Mare.


Millions of Britons will be able to work from the beach this summerCredit: Alamy

Paignton, Ayr, Porthcawl, Southend-on-Sea, Swansea and Poole are also on the list, a huge boost for restaurateurs.

This is because almost half (47%) of Britons plan to spend more time on vacation to work remotely this summer.

Most choose to work from the beach, with 42% promising to go online from the seaside this summer.

Another 54% say the feeling of sand between their toes will make them more productive.

Last month, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said a return to office will never be made mandatory by the government and that “flexibility is good”.

But he said some human contact is important, predicting that many workers will return to their desks two or three days a week.

In order to make sure they can work well remotely, seven in 10 Britons (70%) now plan to bring their work phone on vacation, while 56% say they will bring their laptops, according to a study by ‘EE.

More than two-thirds (68%) expect to respond to emails from work outside and one in five say they will connect to meetings from the beach.

A third of the people questioned will get information from their boss from the edge of the swimming pool.

The greatest motivation for those hoping to take a break from work is to be able to spend quality time with loved ones outside of office hours.

And more than a quarter of participants said they wanted to get closer to nature after confinement.

Alex Cornett, Director of Mobile Proposals at EE, said: ‘Millions of us are on holiday in the UK this year, and EE is here to help people make the most of it.

“It’s not about resting and having to work while on vacation, it’s a unique opportunity to extend our vacation and make the most of our time by the sea with family and friends.

“EE is already making waves in beach towns, so if you’re planning on working from the beach this summer, our 4G and 5G coverage is a safe bet. “

Can you really work from the beach?

The Sun puts Brighton holidays to the test …

As I gaze out to sea with an alcoholic cocktail in my hand, it’s hard not to be sorry for anyone working from home.

I log in for the day from a beachside cafe in Brighton, to test how easy it is to work while on vacation.

It’s 22C and I’m armed with the essentials: beach towel, sunscreen and laptop – joining the 47% of Britons who have vowed to work from a holiday this year if they can.

I have to squint to see my screen – the glare is immense – but there is an unusual sense of calm when tasks are thrown in my path.

The waiter brings me my lunch, helps me adjust an umbrella, and I slowly turn golden brown.

Why haven’t I done this before?

The morning goes by quickly and I reward myself with a flight to Brighton’s 162m i360 tower, enjoying panoramic views of the city.

As we reach the top the swimmers slowly melt into tiny ants and my stress at work begins to fade away.

It’s a long way from my bedroom, which has been turned into an office, where the traffic is bustling outside and the cups are teetering on a makeshift desk.

I check my emails at the highest point of the tower and applaud my drink as they arrive.

Over the next few days, I’ll be working from all possible locations: sunbeds on the beach, Brighton’s famous Lanes, and from the sunny balcony of my AirBnB.

I even book a paddle boarding session with Watersports in Brighton who tell me more and more business men and women are taking work calls on the waves.

A local lawyer, I’m told, has all of his Zooms with clients on the water.

We paddle to the edge of Brighton’s iconic pier – around 500m – and marvel at the calm of the sea.

I log into the news desk using a MiFi box tucked away in a plastic sleeve and wait for the connection to explode.

As I imagine my old life staring at me – walls, computers and office clothes – I can think of only one thing to ask: “Can I stay a few more days?” ”

Britta zeltmann

EE has increased its 5G connection


EE has increased its 5G connectionCredit: Getty – Contributor
Brighton is among UK holiday hotspots with improved connectivity this summer


Brighton is among UK holiday hotspots with improved connectivity this summerCredit: AFP
Blackpool has also received a WiFi boost


Blackpool has also received a WiFi boostCredit: Alamy
Kwasi Kwarteng says most people will end up working 2-3 days in the office

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