Surface of Klaipeda Brewery: 10 million. Euro investment will create a rock and roll space Business

Reconstruction of an area occupying thousands of square roads will begin as early as this fall, and the bus fields of the first tenants to use the collaborative spaces at the end of next year. Here, as promised, there will be everything you need for work and leisure – office space, event halls, living space, space for general and delicious food, sports activities and loft space.

Project developer Techfabrikas already has experience in the capital and Druskininkai. Similar collaboration spaces are overseen by Techzity. They will also take the services of an operator in Klaipeda. True, the size of this object will be probably the most impressive.

Company photo Visualizations of the distillery development.

The transaction is not disclosed

For how much part of the complex was bought from the Švyturys brewery, neither side revealed it, but the head of Techzity Darius Žakaitis did not hide that the investment in the project will reach over 10 million. Euros.

According to him, the company sees the potential of Klaipeda and is looking for development outside the capital.

“We have fantastic support from the city. We have brought together architects, Vilnius, Kaunas, the best teams of architects, so that ideas become a body. We have support from educational institutions in Klaipeda. The biggest value and the biggest shortcoming is the lack of talent, ”said D. Žakaitis.

He wants the space for collaboration to be offered to both locals and business representatives or unicorns who want to change the work environment.

J. Andriejauskaitė / 15min photo / Darius Žakaitis presents a new design in Klaipeda.

J. Andriejauskaitė / 15min photo / Darius Žakaitis presents a new design in Klaipeda.

“We will try to balance the flows, and bring them in, and for local offers. There has to be a healthy mix, it works great. When very local – not interesting. After all, the best restaurants – where there are locals and tourists, we are for a healthy mix, ”D. Žakaitis smiled.

There are already several cooperation spaces in Klaipėda, such as Švyturys or Kultūros fabrikas. D.Žakaitis has checked that the new space will be a reinforcement, and it will be possible to create rock’n’roll in such an area.

Praised Klaipeda

Vinted, the only Lithuanian unicorn, needs to attract a record 250 million. investment and reached 3.5 billion. Executive Director Mantas Mikuckas boldly emphasized that, objectively speaking, Klaipeda is the best city in Lithuania in terms of quality of life.

“The trend is very clear in the technology sector – people have to work, which has to be interesting, at the same time very complex, requires a lot of mental effort, but allows to separate from the physical place. Covid it can be seen that organizations are returning to telecommuting. There is another dimension – where to live if I can work from anywhere? The criteria become others. Klaipeda has no equal in these criteria. But with the problem of Klaipeda, what did Darius and the team take to solve if he wants to start working, where can he work? There was no place. When you talk to be cool spend more time at the seaside, hear that from the hotel room uncomfortable, Airbnb too. This is the turning point, the creation of basic infrastructure, ”said M. Mikuckas.

He wants to offer his team to work from the seaside, that it will be another candy for the staff, and wished that Klaipeda would become the number one in this field.

Covid makes it clear that organizations are returning to telecommuting. There is another dimension – where to live if I can work from anywhere? The criteria become others. Klaipeda has no equal in these criteria.

J. Andriejauskaitė / 15min photo / Mantas Mikuckas

J. Andriejauskaitė / 15min photo / Mantas Mikuckas

“That Vilnius bubble is dangerous and not healthy for the whole of Lithuania. We have a concentration situation somewhere and a set of vacuum. The situation of teleworking and the decentralized use of the place of origin. I see something unique for the whole of Lithuania. You do not need to move to Vilnius or Kaunas to work as a programmer. You can get a good job and stay here, ”said the Vinted CEO.

Does Klaipeda have a sea?

Tadas Burgaila, the creator of Kilo Health, is from Klaipėda, then he did not hide that this news about new cooperation spaces is three times more fun for him.

“Klaipeda is the number one in Lithuania, absolutely. I have come less and less in recent years. There is such a situation: yesterday I went to Klaipeda, call friends, after all, it is a hot weekend and everyone is going to Palanga, Preila, Nida. I say, who do I meet? We have an absolute desire for infrastructure, everyone should be here, take a taxi to Palanga and come back here again, be here hubas. This is a turning point, “said Burgurga.
He does not hide the question of whether there is a sea in Klaipeda, that is, whether it is possible to go to it in a city where only the port can be seen.

“I don’t know that there are amazing beaches here. Here’s all our work, shrugging and communicating the search. When people start buying a second home and spend the summer here, everyone else will come. As a company, we will allow you to work from Klaipeda, we will pick up places for this building. Let’s drive to this city together, “the businessman wished.

Photo by D.Rimeika / Tadas Burgaila

Photo by D.Rimeika / Tadas Burgaila

The beginning of Lithuanian-created data analysis and report creation in Whatagraph was born in Klaipeda, and one of its founders was Justinas Malinauskas. The man is understood to be from Šiauliai, living and studying in Klaipėda. When he started the business, he collaborated with Henrik Urbon, who is also a startup. Thus, seven years ago, the first kind of cooperation space was born, in the former Saturn shopping center, which has now been turned into a residential house. He was glad that after so many years another quality cooperation space would be born in Klaipeda.

He wished to settle down and not stop

Justinas Pašys, the representative of Verslo Angels, wished that Klaipėda had re-ordered this project and would not stop.

“It’s important for angels to build infrastructure. This is a really ambitious project, 15,000 sq. M. m. – It’s a lot. The team has performed strongly in Vilnius and Druskininkai more than once. It is important for angels to have a place to create, to work, this audience will accommodate 500-600 people. While traveling to Klaipeda, I reviewed that LitBan has 138 members, including 2-3 Klaipeda residents. We offer connections and invest in a start-up, “J. Pasys urged.

Klaipėda ID agency representative Virgilijus Pajavis came to Klaipėda last year after a long life in the capital and is now working to attract investment to the city. He thanked investors that even in the days of COVID-19, they saw the opportunities and potential of the city.

The mayor of the city Vytautas Grubliauskas wants the location of the former brewery in Klaipėda residents to be so sacred, and what is being created here is especially significant.

“Whoever is in this place is doomed to success. It remains to seize success and harness it to meet everyone’s expectations. Investors want to realize that the choice is the right one. It would be a big mistake not to choose Klaipeda. You looked at that trouble, “the city manager smiled.

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