Swim 365 days a year in this upstate New York paradise

With the holidays over, we have plenty of winter weather to, well, despise or enjoy, depending on your perspective on this time of year. I prefer to despise him. Not a fan of winter or winter outdoor activities.

But that doesn’t mean like-minded people have to hibernate all winter in our homes without having fun until we’re in the warmer months. At least that’s what I’m trying to accomplish this year.

And the first thing I looked at was maybe spending a weekend or maybe a long weekend relaxing somewhere other than my home not far from the Binghamton area which can offer attractive amenities.

So I looked at Airbnb and narrowed down my search to places under that “play” tab, i.e. places that may have play options like a pool table, foosball, maybe arcade video games or even a swimming pool.

Well a few options presented themselves and one place really caught my interest which had a swimming pool which can be used any time of the year. It’s just a little east of Deposit and west of Hancock New York on Route 17, called Coyote Ridge Estate. You’ve probably been there a few times, like I did when I was traveling Route 17 East. These are the old log houses of Beaver Mountain.

Take a look below at this very handsome Airbnb, with three buildings plus a clubhouse just over half an hour’s drive from Binghamton. You would probably want to share it with a group of family or friends as there is room for many.

Upstate New York Paradise

Upstate New York Paradise

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